Mountain Operations Update

The 428 new tower snow guns have made a tremendous difference in the amount of terrain we were able to open earlier in the season.  The new guns use one third the amount of air than our traditional guns and have proven to be a great purchase due to their efficiency.  We are so impressed by the new guns that we are planning on purchasing at least 100 more guns for next season.

Our big capitol project this year was purchasing The Beast snow cat which has proven to be a worthwhile purchase as well due to its efficiency.  With The Beast we are able to groom almost twice as much terrain compared to our older vehicles with using the same amount of gas.

We haven’t put away the guns yet!  Depending on Mother Nature, we will resume snowmaking in the next couple of weeks.

This season we have been very pleased our conditions and with the amount of skiers and riders that have come to visit us here at Loon Mountain.  We are looking forward to a great February vacation!

– Ralph Lewis, Director of Skiing Operations

4 thoughts on “Mountain Operations Update

  1. I am not sure where to post this question, so i will do it here. i have been doing some loon research lately and have discovered that loons are not at all likely to be inhabiting Loon Lake since they do not like small high altitude bodies of water. that being said, does anyone know how Loon Mountain got its name?

    that Loon Mountain logo looks good with the loon, but I am trying to understand why it is so named.

    Skiing this year has been great !! Good job taking care of the mountain.


  2. Hi Ed,
    How are you? I hope this helps to answer your question of how Loon Mountain got it’s name. The actual name of our original peak was Loon Mountain on the USGS maps so we used the name. The same holds true of North Peak and South Mountain.


  3. Hi Janice!

    Thanks for your comment regarding our grooming conditions. When it snows, we like to keep a few trails ungroomed for those who like to ski powder. We have recieved over 3 feet of snow just in February and we have had a lot of requests to keep some trails ungroomed. Today we only have 4 trails not groomed. When we feel the need to groom after it has snowed, we will groom. Thank you for your comment. I hope this information was helpful.


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