Terrain Park Update


Get your night moves on.  Fluorescent Nights is this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Come night shred on the Little Sister Park.


Great snow conditions and we keep changing up the park to keep it fresh.  Come get some.  Don’t forget Fluorescent Nights is coming up.


It’s that time of the season.  We are stepping up our game.  The big jump line got a face lift and the Red Bull Butter Cup features are going in tomorrow.  See you here this weekend.


More POW yesterday!!  It’s ridiculously amazing here…you have to check out Runaway Park.  Red Bull Butter Cup Series is here this Saturday.  Come compete for great prizes and guzzle some energy.


Top of the park is looking good with the new set up and the conditions couldn’t be better.  See you here.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know we have been getting dumped on!  The snow is unreal right now come get after it!  All this snow has forced us to dig out…so today the top of the main park is CLOSED, and tomorrow the bottom half will be closed to take jibs out and tune the place up!


Drum roll please……..Burton Progression and Little Sister parks are now open for business!!  There are a couple sweet jumps and some really fun jib features in the Little Sister park, definitely check it out.  In other good news, it’s dumping snow right now…and there’s more on the way for tomorrow, a lot more!  Conditions are going to be epic, so get up here and eat some pow!

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