2.20.11 Just another day at the office

It’s 5am – the alarm goes off.  This time, my trusty four legged companion and I actually slept UNTIL the alarm sounded.  I have come to despise that sound, but we both jump up and head out for our morning walk before getting ready for the day.  Today was gearing up to be a busy one – Mother Nature seemed to tune down the winds and turn up the heat a bit, so I spent the 20 minute walk thinking of what may be in store for me.  I’m not much of a, “fly by the seat of my pants” type of girl, but when it’s busy, I just thrive on it. 

We had approximately 250 kids from the UK and Ireland at Loon today on school trips. Adam does a phenomenal job juggling transportation schedules/rentals/lessons and LUNCH.  It’s an art, really and he’s Picasso when it comes to that.  We had a ski fit (rental fitting) for 50 kids around 11am this morning, so we spent the earlier hours getting the kids off the bus and off to their lessons on time, and I printed tickets for the upcoming international schools for the week.  After the tickets were printed and the kids were off to their lessons, we headed to the ski fit.  The tour operators send us all of their rental information ahead of time, so everything is set up and ready to go.  Meg White and her incredible rental staff do a great job getting everything dialed in, and we had 50 kids all fitted and ready for their lessons in approximately 20 minutes.  Remarkable.

After all the kids were on the snow and ready to go, I made a b-line to the cafeteria, grabbed an apron, and had a quick download with Marcy and Jackie on what needed to be done.  The salads were moving off the shelves like the new Verizon iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, however, they are made fresh daily – like many of the offerings in the Governors Lodge.  The first task was to replenish the salads and restock the shelves.  Andrew and Jackie were actively making veggie and tuna wraps, and then I jumped in to make some roast beef wraps.  I’m not well, skilled in the art of, “wrapping”, so it took a few tries and quite a few laughs before the end product was presentable, but I grasped the concept before I ruined too many wraps. After that was completed, it was onto pudding cups.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I have job-shared in the Governor’s Lodge for the past five straight days, and there has yet to be a day where we didn’t run out of pudding cups.  (Chocolate pudding, to be specific.)  I am not going to toot my own horn here, but with Jackie’s guidance, my pudding cup, presentation has become a little more up to par.  24 pudding cups later, we restocked, and before I knew it, it was 1:45pm. Time flies when you’re having fun with pudding. Next it was onto the Octagon Lodge for a wedding meeting.

Yes, Loon is one of the most incredible wedding venues in NH – sure, I’m biased, but really, it’s amazing.  It’s hard to visualize the remarkable transformation of the Octagon Lodge in the midst of February vacation week, but it can be done.  Amy and Jared are a newly engaged couple looking for a venue in the White Mountains.  They are a great couple and it was fun getting to know them and share their enthusiasm for Loon as a prospective venue for their wedding.  We talked for over an hour about what they envision for their big day and how weddings at Loon are unique from others in the area.  We’re not the banquet room, cookie cutter reception venue.  Our ceremonies are held at the summit of Loon Peak with a panoramic view of the White Mountains as the backdrop.  Guests board the gondola and head to the summit amphitheater. They enjoy a 12 minute ride to the summit before heading down to the amphitheater built into the Big Dipper trail.  It’s amazing, to say the least.  Amy and Jared have been long time Loon Mountain skiers and they want to celebrate their big day in a place that’s close to their heart.   They were really excited about the fire pit on the Octagon patio that would welcome their guests to the cocktail hour before heading inside the lodge for an incredible dinner and dancing – LOTS of dancing.  They are looking at October of 2012, so we’re going to put a date on hold for them and start hoping for spectacular foliage and ideal weather! 

Tomorrow is a new day and will be filled with new adventures. I’ll be setting my annoying alarm for the ripe hour of 4:30am so I can take my morning stroll with Molly and be on time for our 7am morning meeting. I may just be the one selling your tickets at the Governor’s Lodge ticket window; my morning job-share task.  After the morning ticket rush, I will be leaving the pudding cup madness at the Governor’s Lodge for a few days and focus on channeling my job-sharing culinary skills at the Slopeside Deli.  I started my job-sharing career at the deli six years ago – I love to cook, and I love the options that the deli offers beyond your typical lodge fare.  Corey and I will be dishing up some Loon Mountain favorites; steak and cheese, nachos, French onion soup, Mountain Mac and Cheese, to name a few. There are too many great options, so get there early so you have time to decide what you’ll enjoy for lunch!

Until Next Time,

Abby Guinan
Sales Manager

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