Ski and Snowboard Quick Tips: Mastering the Bumps

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey, asking Loon skiers and snowboarders your biggest barriers to improving your on-hill moves. Based on your feedback, we’re launching a new series with quick ski and snowboard tips to address your biggest challenges to improvement, and we’re starting with the most-requested topic – mastering bump skiing.

The bumps are really starting to build, and Loon Mountain has some of the best mogul skiing among New Hampshire ski resorts. Skiing moguls can add a new dimension (bumpy one, that is) to your day on the slopes. Try these quick tips that will introduce you the techniques needed to master the bumps.

First, find a mogul field or other terrain features to play on. Here at Loon, you can usually find mogul fields on Flume, Rumrunner and Rolling Bear. For first timers, I suggest either the bottom portion of the bumps on Flume or Rumrunner. Both trails have escape routes back to the groomed terrain.

The main focus here is to introduce you to the variable surface while you remain balanced over your feet. Ski over an isolated mogul and practice absorbing the terrain by allowing your ankles, knees, hips, and spine to flex as you ride over the top of the bump. As you continue to the back side of the bump, extend your legs to keep your skis on the ground. Imagine a slinky going down stairs. The slinky will get longer as it goes down to the next step, shorter when it lands.

Traverse the mogul field and, as you go over each bump, absorb (flex) as you go over the top, and lengthen (extend) on the back side of each bump. Turn around and traverse in the other direction.

The next time through, stall out on top of the last mogul (you should be completely flexed), pivot your skis in the new direction, and extend your legs once again on the back side. Congratulations! You have made your first turn in the moguls. Gradually shorten your traverse until you are turning on every bump.

This is just the beginning! There are as many ways to ski the moguls as there are mogul fields. Bump it up with any number of Loon Mountain’s qualified snowsports instructors in either a private ski lesson or in one of our bumps workshops.

See you on the slopes!

Lauren O’Reilly
Technical Director
Loon Mountain Snowsports

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