4-4-11 Spring Interning at Loon Mountain, My First Days

Hello everyone! I am Katie, the new Marketing Intern for the spring 2011 season. Some of you may know me from my pervious position at Loon Mountain, working the Gondola. I am in my fifth year of employment at Loon Mountain and the change of departments has been very exciting and has opened my awareness to more of the mountain happenings. My pervious job I got to interact with the guests more and know how special the mountain was to them. Having that information has been a huge benefit while working in the marketing department. The new atmosphere of the marketing department has made it easy to work and learn from my new mentors: Jordan, Katelyn and Gus. Having three mentors that do different jobs in the marketing process is more than I could have asked for. I get to do three different internships in one. My journey so far has been fun, beneficial and had some crazy moments.

The start of my internship felt like it was taking forever. As I watched the days fly by, I couldn’t help but get antsy to start. Finally, one day while I was working the gondola, the big man, Jordan Yanni the Event Coordinator for Loon, came up to me and asked if I could start tonight helping him set up for the On Snow Demo. Having no idea what I was getting myself into, I happily agreed and finished my day at the gondola before heading over to the Governor’s side to assist Jordan.

Working at Loon for five years, I knew Jordan before beginning to work for him. He knew I was familiar with most of the employees and threw me right into the action. This was the first time the On Snow Demo was at Loon Mountain. The On Snow Demo was a demo in which shops from around New England could come and preview all the new products for next year. This is a huge event and most brands were present for it. That being said, soft snow and the threat of rain made for a crazy set up. After about two hours of running around I was finally sent home. Working this night showed me how important it is to have a structured plan and a back up plan for when things or people get out of whack.

The first real day of my internship, I came in to help Jordan with the On Snow Demo. Apparently Jordan thought I could handle things right from the start because we went out to shoot the daily video, where I would watch, and he decided to fall and break his collar bone. After bringing him to First Aid, I was paired up with Gus and did my first video. After about 13 takes I finally “nailed it” and we went back to edit. If you’ve been keeping up with the Loon Mountain video snacks at Loonmtn.com you can clearly see my progression. After a while, Jordan showed back up in the office with an x-ray and an order to go home, of course he didn’t. That night was going to be the first registration I got to experience. It was called A Hard Day’s Night and it was an invitational only freestyle event for both snowboarders and skiers. With Jordan in extreme pain and a sling, Andrew and I got to run registration. Registration went smoothly. After registration, I got to run up the pipe with the judging lists and more release of liabilities for everyone that was on the course. The snowboard event was first and went off with a smash. When it was time for the skiers to go, the lights were necessary, however they kept overheating and leaving the course dark in many places. They still had a great time. After awards were given, we went and cleaned up and everyone including myself enjoyed the Red Bull Apres Party in the Bunyan Room.

The next couple of days, I got to get more acquainted with the “tower staff”. Inside the office are not only Jordan, Katelyn, and Gus but also Bart, Kathy and the terrain park staff. Working with the terrain park isn’t bad because most of them I am good friends with, and they’re not in the office that much. Kathy and Bart are a blast and they’ve been here for a while and have the best stories to share.

By Katie Maltais
Marketing & Events Intern

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