Memories Awaken While Horseback Riding at Loon Mountain


The five senses are very strong and key parts to our lives.  One of my favorites, is the sense of smell.  Have you ever smelled something that brought you right back to a certain moment in time that you wish you could relive?  Well, that happened to me on Tuesday when I went horseback riding at Loon Mountain. 

When I was younger, my family went to the R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for four summers in a row.  Cowboy boots, cute wranglers, log cabins, chaps, you name it – it was a real dude ranch.  I loved every minute of it; the smell of the leather saddle, the swishing of the horse’s tail as he or she tried to keep the flies away, the smell of the horse on a warm summer’s day, and the feeling of adventure whenever you got on the horse’s back.  They are memories I will cherish forever.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was lucky enough to relive some of my childhood memories as I mounted my horse, Willy, outside the horse stable at Loon Mountain.  I couldn’t wait to go explore the mountain in the summer time!  The sun was shining as the six of us embarked on a two hour trail ride on Loon Mountain’s Cross-Country Skiing trails that guests use in the winter time.  What used to be logging roads, the trails were beautifully maintained with bridges placed to help keep the area from eroding.  The sun shone through the peaceful forrest as we rode our horses on the trails.  It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon at Loon Mountain.

I felt like a kid in a candy shop; I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.  I was grinning from ear-to-ear the entire ride until I got off my horse and realized that my body is a lot older than it was when I was in sixth grade.  Despite being a little sore, I had an amazing time learning about the history of logging in the area and about J.E. Henry.

So do yourself a favor this summer and sign-up for either The Mountain Adventure (1 hour), The Mountain Explore (2 hours), or The Mountain Journey (3 hours) and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.  Who knows, you might even relive some memories!

Until my next adventure …


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