Saw Lincoln through a whole new light … via a Segway PT Tour

Hi again!

I have to say, the way to see and learn about the history of Lincoln is to go on our new Segway PT Tours.  New this summer, Loon Mountain added a new adventure to the already plethera of summer and fall activities.  After a 45 minute training session where you watch a short safety video and learn how to ride the Segway, the adventure begins …

Via the beautiful Town of Lincoln’s paved bike path, the two hour guided Segway PT Tour takes you along the Pemi River and through the historic town of Lincoln.  Moving up here this spring, I didn’t really know much about the history of Lincoln.  From Segway-ing (not sure if that is a word or not) by J.E. Henry’s and Sherman Adams house to learning about the mill, I learned more about Lincoln than I thought I would.

If you are a history buff, this tour is for you.  I have to say it was one of my favorite highlights of working at Loon this summer. So do yourself a favor and make a reservation for one of our guided Segway PT Tours, you won’t regret it. Until next time, have a great evening and stay cool.


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