UPDATE: New Trails!

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By Katelyn Krumperman
August 4, 2011

Hi there!  How are you?  Many of you are probably wondering what the status is on our new trails; Twitcher, Jobber, and Dropline.  Well, I am here to tell you about our progress.

On May 1st, we started working on Twitcher and Jobber on South Peak.  As of right now, all blasting has been completed on steeper pitches.  The snowmaking pipe is in place and has been welded and green grass is evident on 90% of the trails! The tower posts for the tower guns are in place as well. 

“We are extremely pleased with how both [expert] trails came out,” said Ralph Lewis, Director of Mountain Operations.  “It is great fall line skiing.”

NEW: You are probably wondering where and what Dropline is, right?  Well the Burton Progression Park that used to be located on Little Sister has been moved to our new trail, Dropline.  Moving the Burton Progression Park to Dropline will open more terrain for beginner lessons on Little Sister. 

“We started working on Dropline in the middle of July,” said Jay Scambio, Boyne Resorts Terrain Park Development Manager.  “We are almost done building the trail.  We are just waiting for green grass and snowmaking to go in but everything else looks great.”

Stay tuned for more updates on our trail progress!

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