Mud, Guts, and Glory – 1st Annual Monster Mud Run

By Katelyn Krumperman

Are you competitive?  Do you like to challenge yourself?  Do you like getting dirty?  If you answered yes, to the following questions then the Loon Mountain Monster Mud Run on October 29 is for you!

The Monster Mud Run is a race for the ambitious, for people who like to push themselves to the limit.   It is not about running up a hill, it involves obstacles (natural and man-made), as well as a mud pit and more.  Feel the vicotory of tackling the Monster, our course of 14 obstacles and rough terrain!  Click on the link below to view the terrain map.

Monster Mud Run Map

To participate in the MMR, you must be 18 years of age.  For event details and registration info. please visit,

Don’t stray too far after the MMR, we are hosting a Halloween Monster Bash in the Bunyan Room starting at 8pm!  Wash the mud off and change into your best Halloween costume!  Enjoy live music by the Running Gags and a costume contest. 

We’ll see you in a coupl of weeks! Happy training!

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