On the Road … Again

It’s a busy time of year for the Loon Mountain Sales Team and we are spreading our wings all over the globe… well, maybe not ALL over the globe, but we’re still marketing the Resort in three countries in three weeks!  Jon, our newest addition to the Sales Team, and I headed to Toronto two weeks ago for a six day stint- four days at the Toronto Ski Show and two full days traveling in our trusty Toyota Minivan.  Jon’s first day on the job consisted of 13 hours in the minivan and changing windshield wipers (he’s a pro) and co-piloting the excursion.  Since I tend to get car sick, I was the one behind the wheel and tried to keep it entertaining by hitting rumble strips to wake up the back-seat passengers… while successful, I don’t think they were as pleased as I was to have two new folks to chat with from the back seat…

We rented a few condos about 1 mile from the Toronto Ski Show.  We thought condos would be much more fiscally responsible and allow us room to spread out- after spending five nights in a hotel room the size of a cardboard box in past years, all I really wanted was a couch and a kitchen.  The condos were nice, economical, and although we had great intentions of cooking a family style meal each night after the show, reality hit.  We were all so exhausted after 10+ hours on our feet that it took all we had just to change and head out to find a place with a reasonable menu to fulfill our cravings of anything BUT pizza.  After we broke down at the end of the show, we did find the energy and time to make an excellent feed for all of us while the guys watched baseball…

This past weekend, Adam returned from two weeks in the UK and Jon returned from his second trip to Canada- the Ottawa Ski Show to be exact.  Ottawa is always a fun time and the ski show is hands down one of the best.  However, as I write this, I have clothes in the washing machine getting ready for the next voyage- Pennsylvania and New Jersey Ski Council Shows.  The same host for our Spring Travel shows is putting these shows on and I really can’t wait to get on the road.  Sure, being on the road is tough- you’re away from family and the work load never ceases, but we all do a great job of making the most of the great areas we find ourselves in.  Greg and I are spending our one day off in Amish Country and, if you know us, you know how psyched we are! 

Following our epic road trip to Amish Country and all areas in between, we return for a day before heading out to one of my favorite ski club events of the year- New Hampshire Ski Club Extravaganza.  The NHSC folks are just, well, plain AWESOME and it’s always a good time.  Following that show, we head directly to Boston for the Boston Ski Show and the last of the travels for this girl until Spring.  Bernie and his team always do a great job and I can’t wait for another spectacular show at the Seaport World Trade Center!  If you haven’t planned your weekend yet, be sure to visit BEWISPORTS.COM and purchase your discounted tickets for the Boston Ski Show- with Tommy Moe as an honored guest, tons of specials, discounts and more- you can’t go wrong!  And, while you’re there, definitely stop by the Loon Mountain booth and purchase your discounted Frequent Skier Cards or purchase your New England Pass!  Hands down two of the best deals in New England Skiing and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!!!  Hope to see you there!!!  Sure, you could spend the weekend going to the dump or doing household chores, but there really is not better way to save a ton of dough by attending the Boston Ski Show!!! 

Think SNOW!

Abby Guinan
Sales Manager

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