Park Update


New DROPLINE Park opens Friday morning with with more jibs and one wicked kicka.  The 7 Brothers park is still sharp and 4 features deep.  Plus be on the look out for another park in the base area coming soon. 


It getting cold out!  Snowmaking will be firing up shortly and one of the trails we are going to is our NEW Dropline Park!  As long as it stays cold we should have that park online some time next week, stay tuned for a firmer date.  Till then enjoy the 2 Top Secret parks! 


More features as of 9 am Tuesday morning.  They shouldn’t be hard to find.  See you out there.


Snowmaking goes back on tonight!  Which will hopefully result in more park features for the weekend.  For now enjoy the jump and jibs in the Sunset Park!  Stay tuned.


Good snowmaking temps and the guns were blazing again last night.  Won’t be long before we get some more parks up on the hill.  For now the park on sunset is still up and looking good.  Stay posted.

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