Bump it Up at Loon Mountain!

Skiing moguls can add a new excitement to your day on Loon Mountain’s slopes. If it’s your first time or a seasoned veteran in a mogul field, I offer these simple tips.

First for your warm up, find an isolated bump and practice absorbing the terrain by allowing your ankles, knees, hips, and spine to flex evenly as you ride over top. As you continue to the backside of the bump, extend your legs in order to keep your skis on the ground. Imagine a slinky going down stairs. The slinky will get longer as it goes down to the next step, shorter when it lands. The absorption of the bump will control your speed and allow you to maintain your balance.

Now you are ready to enter the mogul field.  If this is your first time, traverse the moguls absorbing (flexing) and lengthening (extending) your ankles, knees, hips, and spine evenly over each bump. Turn around and traverse the other way. Next time through, stall out on top of the last mogul (you should be completely flexed), pivot your skis in the new direction and extend your legs once again on the backside. Congratulations! You have made your first turn in the moguls. Gradually shorten your traverse until you are turning on every bump.

If you are that seasoned veteran, use the same technique only stay in the zipper line! That’s the straight line down in between the bumps. The challenge is to maintain your balance and speed control, as this is a much faster way though the moguls.  This is just one technique and there are as many different ways to ski the moguls as there are mogul fields. Bump it up with any number of our qualified instructors in either a private lesson or in one of Loon’s Bump Workshops.

 See you on the slopes!

Lauren O’Reilly
Training Manager
Loon Mountain Snowsports

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