A Week in Review: The Daily Chronicles of the Loon Mountain Job Share Team (aka Sales Team)

If you have followed this blog, you have read about the multi-tasking sales team at Loon Mountain.  Not much has changed since my last job sharing blog post almost a year ago… we’re still at it but we have two new smiling faces on the team- Jon and Emily.

Honestly, I believe they were bred to job share since they were born, what they didn’t know was WHERE they would be honing in on all the skills they have learned in the past 10 years of their existence.  We are insanely lucky to have added such awesome folks to the Loon Mountain Job Share Team—and they’re really good at their “real” jobs in the sales office too!  Talk about a win-win situation!

In the week leading up to vacation week, the Sales Team could be seen in several departments. You may not have even realized that the folks getting you fitted for rental equipment, selling tickets, or even driving the bus, would be serving you lunch – even ringing you up at the cash register for your amazing meal; that’s us – Team Sales.

Last week our days started early – we hosted over 300 students from the UK and Ireland DAILY (as well as our favorite Cardigan Mountain School on this side of the pond).  Andrew was often the one behind the big blue bus driving the international students from their hotel to Loon Mountain for an amazing taste of US skiing and riding.  It was often Adam and Jon greeting the eager students, who then made their way to the rental shop where Jon, Emily, and I would be calling out their names for their pre-set rental equipment for the week.  After the students made their way through the rental shop, they would be greeted again by Adam, who was busy coordinating their lessons with Casey and the amazing Loon Mountain Snowsports Team.  Then they would head out for their two hour morning lesson, and at that time, the Sales Team would retreat back to the office to respond to e-mails, print tickets, and return calls – basically do whatever we could do in the amount of office time we had.  Ironically, one of the biggest Hallmark holidays and one of the record days for engagements fell during this week – Valentines Day.  Adding to the countless e-mails were several excited newly engaged couples who were interested in hosting their mountaintop destination wedding at Loon Mountain.  AWESOME!!!

Following the brief stint spent in the office (and we do apologize for any lag in e-mail response time), we headed directly to the Governors Lodge to man our various stations to help with the lunch rush.  Adam and I posted up at the soup station, Jon was the grill expediter extraordinaire, and Andrew was the guy taking in the money.  It was like a well-oiled machine.  I even got to re-live last season’s pudding cup assembly, pretzel distribution, and fresh-made wrap construction.  Although I did have an opportunity to dabble in assembling salads, the push for macaroni and cheese in a bread bowl was overbearing- so much that even the most accomplished soup person (Adam) couldn’t keep up with the demands.  Needless to say, it was a great change and really nice to be working with our guests on so many different levels of experience at Loon Mountain.  And please don’t worry; we did wash our hands several times after fitting you for boots and BEFORE serving the food…

As we move forward into the coming vacation week, we all have our various tasks and, while our office time is still minimal yet manageable, we are really excited to work with each and every one of our guests on a face-to-face level instead of behind windowless walls.

This week, you will find Jon, Andrew, and Emily selling tickets at either a snowsports desk or a ticket window.  Adam will probably be the one behind the wheel of the big blue bus shuttling you from your hotel to the most amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions in the East, and I’ll be perched at the rental shop selling you excellent (and freshly tuned) rental equipment, tickets, and lessons.  After the morning ticket and rental rush, Adam will still be behind the wheel of the big blue bus, Andrew will be at a register in the Governors Lodge, Emily could be, well, anywhere, and Jon and I will be in the best-kept secret in Loon Mountain dining- Wanagan’s Slopeside Deli.  Jon will be taking your orders and making some of the most intense hot chocolate cups this side of the Mississippi and I’ll be slinging one of the most incredible steak and cheese sandwiches you have ever had.  Please, swing on in and say hi.  If you mention you read this blog, you might even get an extra handful of the most amazing homemade potato chips with your sandwich.   Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Until next post,

Abby Guinan
Sales Manager

One thought on “A Week in Review: The Daily Chronicles of the Loon Mountain Job Share Team (aka Sales Team)

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