Cardigan Mountain School Ski Day a Big Success

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This past Thursday was one for the record books.  Thanks to Mother Nature and Austen Hannis, the Cardigan Mountain School Ski Day was choreographed to perfection.  Sunny skies, 40 degree temperatures, and 200 of the most well-behaved boys on the planet descended on Loon Mountain in nine buses- and within 30 minutes of arrival, they were all issued lift tickets, rentals, and sent on their merry way to make memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.

At 9:01 p.m. last night, the Cardigan Mountain School Headmaster sent out an e-mail to all students- the date of the ski holiday that is a tradition of both Cardigan Mountain School and Loon Mountain was announced.  However, in an attempt to throw the students off, the Headmaster started his e-mail video stating that due to lack of snow, the annual ski day would be cancelled.
Shortly after that statement, he revealed that Loon Mountain still had plenty of snow to host the ski holiday. The dorms erupted in cheer and the kids went to bed psyched knowing classes were cancelled and they would spend the day on the hill- tubing, skiing, snowboarding, lounging around their own slopeside lodge, and swimming in the pool AND eating TONS of pizza – 800 slices of pie, to be exact.  You got it, those 200 hungry teenagers politely ate 100 pies AND cleaned up after themselves!!!

I know I blogged about this epic day last year, but I have to tell you, the kids at Cardigan are always such a joy to host at Loon.  They are so well-behaved, so thankful, and so happy to participate in a long-standing tradition started by Cardigan many years ago.  These students attend Cardigan from as far as California, Florida, China, Spain, you name it.  And they get smarter and smarter every year- we had a few students e-mail the address to find out when the ski day was… thankfully, the staff at Loon all recognize the importance of keeping this big ski holiday a surprise and those emails found random replies to throw them off.

You really have to see it to believe how incredible it is to see the nine Cardigan Mountain School buses caravan over the bridge to Loon Mountain– it’s a sight that still, after my seven years of working with this amazing school, gives me a shiver up the spine with sheer excitement.  And, less than eight hours later, those nine buses depart- all kids accounted for and happy.  We’ll see you next year, Cardigan boys- and no, we won’t reveal the date, no matter how creative you get!   Keep up the great work, Cardigan Faculty and Staff- you should be proud of the amazing young men you have at your school!

Until next time,

Abby Guinan
Sales Manager

One thought on “Cardigan Mountain School Ski Day a Big Success

  1. Coming from a Cardigan parent this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your blog as well as hosting the entire school. I know it’s one of their favorite days of the school year for sure.

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