Thrills, Chills and Spills

Well, we’re less than two months away from the 2nd Annual Monster Mud Run and Halloween Monster Bash here at Loon Mountain. Last year was the first year we hosted the event, which was basically the muddiest, gnarliest 5k you could imagine. This year’s race on Oct. 27 should be no different, with plenty of devilish obstacles, lung-searing hills, and, yes – mud – for everyone.

Without further ado, the image below shows what this year’s course looks like.

The course appears simple, winding across the lower half of the mountain, but the reality is much more complicated. Runners will negotiate 16 obstacles, ranging from mud pits to cargo nets. Here is a description (deliberately vague) of the course. We don’t want to ruin all of the surprises.

1.The Plunge of Paul Bunyan
On race day, the weather could be 60 degrees and sunny or 25 degrees and snowing. Either way, the first thing you’ll encounter is a waist-deep pool of mucky water. Enjoy!

2. Walk The Line
Practice your balance as you fight for space on our Walk The Line feature. We won’t go into details, but the setup includes metal chairlift cables, two Army trucks, and plenty of time off the ground.

3. Snubber Switchbacks
A beginner trail in the winter, the steep Snubber Switchbacks will make you wish you stretched your calves before the race. This is the first of several steep ascents on the Monster Mud Run course.

4. Cliff Hanger
Channel your inner Stallone. A natural feature of the mountain, the Cliff Hanger will challenge your ability to think quickly, come up with a plan, and execute the climb.

5. Scale It
After a little downhill running, make your way up a cargo net and down the other side. It sounds easy, but you know better.

6. Loon Snowmaking Boot Camp
This favorite will give you a quick idea of what it’s like to be a snowmaker. You’ll get up-close and personal with a 50-foot length of snowmaking hose as you walk, run, and crawl uphill and downhill through snow guns and other features. If you’re fast enough, the Loon Snowmaking Team may hire you full time!

7. Lincoln Logs 
Back from last year, this is a fun log obstacle course in the middle of the race. Prepare to get on your stomach and maybe get a little help scaling some features.

8. Terrain Park Idea
The Loon Park Crew will be dialing up something fun and useful in this section of the course.

9. Concrete Jungle
This Concrete Jungle will be rough on your knees and elbows, if your knees and elbows aren’t already in rough shape by this point. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

10. Brookway Loop
Endurance tester here. You’re near the end of the race and have to run a 1-mile, cross-country loop. If you’re not separated from the pack by now, you may be soon.

11. Horse Barn Hurdles
Back by popular demand, you’ll scale chest-high walls at the Horse Barn Hurdles. Be ready to exert all your upper body strength here, as there are multiple hurdles.

12. Bear Claw’s Mud Bath
Each autumn, the bottom of this trail becomes a muddy, mucky mess. There may be a twist thrown in, so expect the unexpected.

13. Up For Discussion
Be prepared of anything!

14. Trench Warfare
This feature may have claimed a shoe or two in 2011. Make sure your laces are tied before you negotiate this trench down the 7 Brothers headwall and across to Pickaroon.

15. Slip and Slide
Be sure you hit this feature with a head of steam. At 50 feet long you’ll need some momentum to make your way through – and make a big splash in the mud pit at the end.

16. Terminator Crawl
The final feature of the course is a bare-knuckle brawl to the end as you crawl, scrape, and dig your way to a refreshing beverage at the finish. We’ll see you at the Halloween Monster Bash later that night!


For the details on this year’s Monster Mud Run and Halloween Monster Bash, click here.

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