Loon’s Summer Vacation: Behind the Scenes

By Abby Guinan

Loon Sales Manager

WHEW!  This summer has blown by at Mach 90!  I can’t believe it’s late September and it’s my first blog post of the Summer/Fall.  We have been insanely busy in the Loon Mountain Sales office.  We have seen folks like Brooklyn and Billy, Amanda and Jeff, Shannon and Brad, Val and Nate, and James and Roxanna go from recently engaged to awesome newlyweds.  We are so lucky to have worked with them and we continually get updates on our past couples as to what is going on in their lives.  Jill and Matt, the faces of Loon Mountain Weddings, have welcomed baby Evelyn and continue to keep in touch via email, photo updates, and Facebook.  We still have two more awesome couples who will be getting married at Loon in the next month and a half- Todd and Meaghan and Kristen and Ian!

In mid-August, we were lucky to welcome back the Harley Owners Group of New Hampshire and Vermont State Rally.  They were last at Loon in

The Harley Owners Group of New Hampshire & Vermont came to Loon earlier this month. They had fun.

2004 and this was certainly an event for the record books!  With over 500 Harley Davidson owners taking a two-wheel journey to Loon Mountain, Rally Committee Chair Greg Deyette and his awesome team planned a memorable 3 days of fireworks, wine tasting, bonfire, and many options to put miles on the HOG members’ bikes.  The 3 days took a remarkable full year of planning and Greg and his team had it ALL dialed in.  I’m telling you- this guy could easily put together the Olympics without even breaking a sweat.  Every “I” was dotted, every “t” was crossed- and no stone was left unturned while planning this incredible, fun-filled event.  Ironically, the “All Roads Lead To Loon” t shirts each attendee received was very fitting to what they were about to enjoy.

Thursday started off with a “stampede ride” from various Harley Davidson dealerships in NH.  The Governors Lodge was transformed into the HOG Rally Headquarters and the incredible rally registration crew seamlessly

The Harley stampede

registered and sent over 400 happy bikers on their way to the hotel in less than 2 hours.  We had attendees from as far as Ontario, Canada- with a large group from Quebec, Canada taking part in the festivities.  After registration and check in at the Mountain Club on Loon, members returned to the Governors Lodge for opening ceremonies as well as an intense game of BINGO- with a table of prizes longer than you could ever imagine!  Bingo festivities went into the night and everyone turned in for a good nights’ sleep before taking part in a history-making first ever HOG Rally Murder Mystery Ride!  Mark LaClair and Alyssa Yolda put together the notorious Murder Mystery Ride special just for the rally attendees.  Over 200 folks participated and winners received anything from gift certificates to prize packs to gas gift cards.  Following the Murder Mystery Ride, another first-in-the-nation HOG Rally history maker was the 1st Annual Loon Mountain Wine Days of Summer- AMAZING food, INCREDIBLE wines, and great music and lots of fun had by all!  An astonishing fireworks display capped off the evening- those guys at Atlas Fireworks really know how to put on one heck of a show!

After a Saturday filled with biker games, demonstrations, and rides, we had a MEGA BBQ- over 350 people were served in less than 40 minutes.  Steve, Karl and Katie know how to successfully feed the masses- and WOW was the food PHENOMENAL!  After everyone was well fed and were able to enjoy some of Tom’s stellar cocktails, Greg and the HOG Rally committee got the crowd hooting and hollering at the Closing Ceremonies.  To put a mind-boggling cap to an amazing few days,  we all witnessed one of the largest bonfires this side of the Mississippi.  Mike and Shaun spent a lot of time building the bonfire of all bonfires- that thing was HUGE!  Mike and Shaun scoured dumpsters, cleared limbs and downed trees, and robbed the warehouse of pallets to build the mountain of kindling- so big we even had the fire department present in case it got out of control!  It was one great end to a phenomenal event!

Just last weekend, the entire staff at Loon geared up for the largest event on the books- the New Hampshire Highland Games!  Adam, Jon and I spent a few hours zip-tying chairs together (fire code regulations- 500 chairs later, we’re pros with some intense back pain!) while Jordan was the Executive Port-A-Potty placement expert and Andrew was running around making sure everything was in order.  Steve and his fabulous team of F&B staff were busy for weeks getting all of the food tents in order and set

Haggis-flavored potato chips from the New Hampshire Highland Games. Bet you can’t eat just one!

to go- we  served everything from Steak and Cheese (yep, courtesy of ME), lobster rolls, meat pies, HAGGIS, Scotch Eggs, burgers, dogs, fish and chips, chicken, pizza, fried dough and lots and lots of BEER.  Just about anything and everything you can think of was served in one of the food venues!  And don’t get me started on how incredibly awesome the music and entertainment was- to sum it up in 3 letters- WOW!

Just a few more weeks until Fall Travel season starts- expect to hear about our road adventures here!  We’re heading back to Canada (twice), London, Ireland, Amish Country, NJ, NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia- Deano in the V&E department better start prepping the company minivan now- it’s going to be chugging some serious miles!   And no, we’re not going to transform it into an amphibious vehicle to motor across the big pond just yet- we’ll be flying to the UK this trip!

Until Next Time,

Abby Guinan

Sales Manager


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