How to Survive the Monster Mud Run

Kyle Bergevine faced an uncertain future last Halloween when he toed the line in a cheerleader’s uniform to run the first-ever Monster Mud Run at Loon Mountain. What he found was mud – and lots of it – as well as a great sense of camaraderie among his fellow racers. Later, on Facebook, he would also find a priceless photo of himself falling in the mud, which we are now sharing with the world.

Kyle takes a digger during the 2011 Monster Mud Run

This year, we sat down with the North Woodstock resident to ask about the race, and the infamous Facebook photo. Kyle has already signed up to run this year’s Monster Mud Run & Halloween Bash, happening on Saturday, Oct.27.

Loon Mountain: Kyle, tell us about that photo.

Kyle:  My photo is on Facebook, of me going down pretty hard before the big wall climb, actually. As far as costumes, you’ve got to dress up in a costume. Who doesn’t like costume and actually run in the race? It makes it interesting, especially couples costumes, group costumes. There was Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum last year, there were people in Marilyn Monroe outfits, full dresses – both male and female. It was just a good time.

They made me run down some sort of trench on the way down Seven Brothers and right before the wall climb I was coming in pretty hot and decided I’d lay on the brakes a little bit before I hit the wall head on. Let’s just say that ‘Monster Mud Run’ is really the truth. There was mud where I tried to plant my heels, and I went down right on my butt. I believe there’s a three-picture sequence that shows me falling, but of course the absolute worst picture was chosen for me to be displayed in front of everyone.

Loon Mountain:  Aside from the perils of running in a Spartans outfit, how was the race?

Kyle:  Quite fun. There were a lot of friends there – it was an absolute blast. There were a lot of good people there. It was muddy, hilly, challenging, but fun nonetheless. At the end, there’s nothing better than a warm shower and

Kyle’s been cross-training for this year’s Monster Mud Run & Halloween Monster Bash. Now that we think about it, last year’s race might have pushed him over the edge.

a beer waiting for you.

Loon Mountain: Who does this kind of race? Is it just for intense, serious runners?

Kyle:  I actually had a few friends who were first timers and had never done any type of obstacle course. I would say try it, because you never know what it’s going to be like. They’ve got to change the course up every year, they’re going to change it up this year, so it won’t be the same as last year. I believe they’re still incorporating some of the similar obstacles that were fun, difficult, and challenging.

Loon Mountain: What would you say to someone who’s thinking about the race, but isn’t quite sure if they want to get muddy?

Kyle: I say sign up and try it. Don’t go Monday morning and regret the fact that you didn’t go and try something that was fun and challenging.

To get more details about this year’s Monster Mud Run, click here

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