Monster Mud Run Recap

The 2nd Annual Monster Mud Run ended two days ago, and I’m still cleaning the mud from my shoes. Sure, I’ll be tracking dirt into my car, home, and office here at Loon for weeks, but the race was absolutely worth it.

Here are some of the best photos from the race.  Professional photographer Sherri Harkin was on hand to document all the crazy action, and you can get a photo of your muddy self at Sherri has taken photos for The New York Times, Powder, and Ski Magazine, so you know her pics of the Monster Mud Run are pretty incredible.

If you’re looking for results, check out See if you were faster than the guy dressed as a toilet, or the hairy dudes in Speedos. Loon Mountain is a no-judgment zone.

Attacking the Plunge of Paul Bunyan
Scaling the cargo net. It’s like gym class, but muddier.
Friends don’t let friends wallow in mud pits.
Walk the Line
That’s a lot of mud.
That’s going to sting.
At least he doesn’t need to take bathroom breaks. Genius.
Pre-race mullet meeting.

2 thoughts on “Monster Mud Run Recap

  1. any more pics from the race? We were in the Mullet group (1pm heat I think) and woudl love to see some more pics if they are out there!?!

    1. You should check out Sherri Harkin, a professional photographer, took about 1,400 photos during the race, and she’s posted tons on her website. Thanks for running, and sick mullets!

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