Loon EveryDay

This week we’re pumped to be releasing “Loon EveryDay,” a video that showcases the big airs, endless jibs, and behind-the-camera talent that are a part of everyday life at Loon Mountain’s award-winning terrain parks.

Loon EveryDay Video

Featuring members of the Loon Mountain Snowboard Team and other local riders, “Loon EveryDay” celebrates the passion, camaraderie, and progression that define Loon’s vibrant park scene. The footage for “Loon Everyday” was filmed and edited by Loon local Skylar Brent, who also produces the popular “Loonatics” web series.

While filming the short “Loonatics” webisodes, Skylar, 21, was picked up by Videograss, a leading snowboard film production company. This fall, with the backing of Videograss, Skylar and his own independent production company, Keep The Change, released the feature-length snowboarding film “Holy Smokes.”

Skylar Brent, filmmaker

Last week we sat down with Skylar to ask him how he got started filming, and where his career is headed.

When did you start filming?

I’ve been filming snowboarding for a while, but not really seriously until a few years ago. I moved up to Woodstock and I just started filming here at Loon with my friends, started snowboarding here all the time. I went to school at Plymouth for a year, and I decided to stop just to pursue other things – mainly filming snowboarding and stuff like that. I think it’s going pretty well so far.

What’s it like to film at Loon?

It’s awesome. It’s the best mountain, the best people. The scene is great.

Videograss, the major snowboard film production company, recently gave you their support for filming and releasing your new film ‘Holy Smokes’. How do you explain your recent success?

Colton Feldman, Rob Balding and I started Keep The Change a few years ago. Our first video generated some good hype. After that came out we got in touch with Videograss and they were super down to help us out. I guess we just had such an awesome group of riders that people enjoyed watching. We produced different edits to promote Keep The Change (Loonatics, etc.) and people were stoked and wanted more.

How long did it take to produce Holy Smokes?

Holy Smokes, obviously we filmed it all last winter. We started editing it in June, and it didn’t get finished until the first week of September.

You had to edit Holy Smokes while you were filming at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Oregon this summer. What was that like, filming pro riders on the snowfields of Mount Hood?

Stressful, but awesome. Tanner Pendleton hooked it up with a job out there last summer. To have something so amazing to do in the summer, it’s definitely awesome. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was like 15 or 16. And there are always cool Industry people coming through. Great place to make connections.

What are your plans for this winter?

Working with KTC [Keep The Change] again. Things will hopefully be bigger and better for us this year. We’ll definitely travel a little bit more, go to a few more places, Europe hopefully, around the US, Canada. We’re just going to follow the snow.

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