Welcome Loon Seasonal Program Members – It’s Going to be a Great Season

Dear Seasonal Families,                                                                November 25, 2012

Registrations are coming in fast and groups are already being formed for the season!!

Loon Mountain seasonal program Comp and X Team start Saturday, Dec 8th and Dev Team and Jr. Scouts and Scouts (formerly PK Boo and Kinderbear) start on Dec 15th. Keep an eye out for an upcoming email about specific instructions for Opening Day for all programs!!

 We’re looking forward to another great season with the newly dubbed “Scouts and Jr. Scouts” programs.  Our Scout/PK/Daycare area has been totally revamped with a sound proofed napping room, and a great new cubby area for storage and dressing.  This will also result in more cubbies on our Scout side of the building, which will be extremely helpful in housing all our great skiers!!  We have 9 coaches returning from last year, and a great group of new hires who are looking forward to meeting our families!

The redesign of the Dev Team (development team) is moving into its next phase this season by providing a wider variety of training opportunities for its athletes. The addition of higher level ability groups will offer a unique balance to those with strong skills on snow who want to continue their development while still having a fulfilling social experience. Specific training in the areas of racing, freestyle, boarder cross, and all mountain riding will offer all of our Dev Team members the chance to experience different disciplines and training opportunities.  We have 18 of last year’s coaching returning to our program this year!!

There are two new offerings for Dev Team this year!  We are offering the opportunity for first time snowboarders to be part of the Dev Team. Normally our athletes have to be at least a level 3/4 in order to be placed into a group. We need at least 5 children to run this group. We are also offering the opportunity for kids to snowboard one day and ski another day.  The space for this is very limited and is a season long commitment.  If your child may be interested in either of these programs please email Kim Bouressa at kbouressa@loonmtn.com !!

X Team will be holding tryouts this year during the first weekend of the program. The initial goal of the XTeam was to offer a program that provided a stepping stone to a higher skill level for competition. The participants of this team are focused on exploring areas of competition and gaining additional skills to move to that next level. Try outs this year will be designed to create groups that have a clear goal of exploring their strengths and interest in different areas of competition. Skill development will be created around those goals. The intent is for those participants the following year to move onto one of the competition programs. Participants who do not qualify for the X Team based on skill level or desire to compete, will be assigned to an appropriate leveled group on the Dev Team. With the addition of a wider range of opportunities on the Dev Team, these athletes will be getting the exposure to a variety of disciplines and the chance to challenge their skill level to progress throughout the season.

 Lunches for the Dev Team will continue to be served in the back Deli and offer a selection of healthy entrees, fruit, veggies and dessert item. Lunches for X Team and

Comp Team will be served in the Junction but will no longer be using Food and Beverage cards!! Their lunches will be served buffet style, similar to Dev Team but with a wider variety of popular lunch items. The new construction and design of the space will allow for more room for the groups at lunch time. X Team and Comp Team groups are required to eat with their groups in the lunch room as usual. Hot Chocolate and finger snacks will be available for all the Seasonal Programs this year.

We will again be offering options for Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free Diets. If your child has an allergy beyond these diets, please call or email us so we can set a time to meet with you individually. We will have a parent meeting early in the season to discuss how these options can best meet your child’s needs in our program. The Food Service Department last season did a remarkable job making these accommodations and we look forward to working with them again this year to keep all of the children in our program happy and safe!!!

New Families for All Programs!!! We will be having a “new family” orientations on Sunday, Dec 9th.   Jr. Scouts and Scouts orientation will be at 11:00 in the children’s center. The Dev, X and Comp Team parents will meet at 12:30 in the Slopestyle Deli across from the Dev Team Building. It will be a chance to learn about a “Day in the Life” of child in the program.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions as well as a chance to meet other new parents. Children enrolled on the Dev Team are encouraged to come outfitted to hit the snow so they can ride with some of our coaches for evaluation during this orientation. Dev Team doesn’t start until the following weekend but if you can arrange it, it’s a nice opportunity to make sure your child is prepared for their first weekend!!  Jr. Scouts and Scouts will be evaluated their first weekend of program.

Newsletters!!! There will be one newsletter that goes out each week for all programs.

The one page letter will give quick updates about each program and offer important information on the upcoming weekend!! These newsletters will be emailed to you weekly until our Seasonal Website is up and running. After that point we will be emailing you a link weekly to view that week’s newsletter along with a variety of other information like upcoming events, menus, photos, sign ups for special events, etc.

Last, our CIT program…or Coach in Training Program is still in development.  We will pass along that information as soon as it’s available for purchase!!   

We look forward to a fantastic season of snow and smiles!!

Chris Irish
Seasonal Programs Manager
603-745-8111 ext. 5689

Bryce Hanrahan
Seasonal Teams Supervisor
X-Team/Comp Team

 Kim Bouressa
Dev Team Supervisor

 Peter Creedon
Jr. Scouts/Scouts Supervisor

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