Seasonal Programs eNewsletter 12/19/21

All Seasonal Programs
Thank you to everyone for making our start of the season so successful!! Being able to have so much terrain to explore so early in the season was a huge bonus!!! Below are short updates from each of our programs for this past weekend. Please take a minute to review your child’s program updates!!

If you have not yet registered your child for our program please do so by this weekend!! It helps us solidify our groups and to plan for the appropriate amount of coaches!! Each child should have a Registration Form and Release of Liability (different from the one you signed for your Season’s Pass) on file with us. It’s important that information stays current. So anytime during the year that information changes, please let us know!!

SAVE THE DATE!!! Our Seasonals Kick Off Party will be Saturday, Dec 29th in the Governor’s Lodge from 5:00-7:00pm. Appetizers will be served and Babe’s will be open!
Chrissy Irish
Seasonal Programs Manager
745-8111 ex 5689

With the first weekend of the Scouts and Jr Scouts programs under out belts, the season is officially in full swing. I’m looking out my window at flurries right now, and I’m sure that with a little bit of help from our amazing snow making crew we’ll be ready for some great skiing and riding over Christmas Vacation.
This past weekend went really well, and all of our classes are already making great progress out on the hill. We’re looking forward to finally getting everyone here over Christmas break!
Remember that you want to be here in the morning before 8:30 AM so all our classes can be out on snow by 9:00 AM.

Peter Creedon
Jr. Scouts/Scouts Supervisor

Dev Team
It was great to see so many returning faces and meet many new families this weekend. This weekend we worked on evaluating each of the children’s skills to ensure they are placed in the correct group. We have over twenty groups to accommodate each skier/rider. Our goal is to leave the corral at 9:00 AM. Once the groups are finalized, your child will simply meet his/her coach at the correct flag each weekend. We work hard to find the perfect match for each coach/athlete. Coaches worked this weekend on numerous skills including; checking equipment for proper size, fit, and condition, safe locations to stop on the hill during training, managing varying terrain conditions. Many parents have asked who they should notify if their child will not be attending the program on a given day. If you know the week before, you may let your child’s coach and/or the Lodge Mom’s know, otherwise you may email me at The morning of the program you may call the Jr Seasonal Building at 603-745-8111 x 5570. We do keep attendance on each athlete, so it is helpful if we know ahead of time. Thank you for you cooperation and patience these first few weekends.

* Please make sure you send handwarmers in your child’s pocket we had many cold fingers and toes. If we loan your child a pair place send in a replacement for our supplies.
* Try to arrive by 8:45 so we can check your child off and groups can leave at 9:00 AM
*At pickup wait for your child at their flag and make sure you tell the coach you have your child so they can check them off.

Kim Bouressa
Dev Team Supervisor

I hope everyone had a good weekend and is settling into their new groups. Most of the groups are finalized with the exception of two of the bigger groups. We hope to have selected an additional ski coach by this coming weekend. By Christmas we expect all groups to be solidified and we will start rotating coaches the following weekend. We will be rotating coaches for Sunday mornings so that each group gets to experience the benefits of different coaching practices and disciplines. This rotation is a requirement of participation in the X team and is not optional.

We understand that last years lack of coaching consistency was a hard ship for many of you. We have taken several measures this year to avoid repeating that same situation. We appreciate your patience and loyalty to our program. To thank you for this we have decided to include Air Bag passes for this year for all X Team Members. Again, we appreciate your support 

Please join us this Saturday evening in the Deli from 5-7 for a Comp Team/X Team Parent (only) Social!! We will be serving beverages(beer/wine/soda) and appetizers. It will be a great time to meet other parents, speak with the coaches and get some additional information about the coming year!

Comp Team
I hope everyone is feeling at home in their groups and enjoying the various terrain on the mountain. Snow is still blowing here at Loon and the forecast tells us more natural snow by weeks end!!
Again, my apologies for the trampoline training cancelation last week, I understand that was less than ideal. If any of your children have spent time at ski/snowboard camp or other trampoline training please send me any documentation you may have, this will helpful information when the Air Bag is set up.

You should all be registered for USASA by this time and familiarized yourself with the New Hampshire schedule. We will be discussing Comp Sign up at the Social this weekend!!

For those of you that are skiers, Morgan will be out for an undetermined amount of time due to an injury on Sunday. While Morgan recovers, Mike Conn and myself will be coaching with Andrew to ensure that group is getting the highest quality training to prepare for comp starting at the end of the month!

Please join us this Saturday evening in the Deli from 5-7 for a Comp Team/X Team Parent (only) Social!! We will be serving beverages(beer/wine/soda) and appetizers. It will be a great time to meet other parents, speak with the coaches and get some additional information about the coming year!

Bryce Hanrahan
Seasonal Teams Supervisor

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