Seasonal Programs eNews 1/11/13

Seasonal Families,

 Another wonderful weekend!  We appreciate how supportive and encouraging you have all been of your developing skiers and riders!  We love the happy faces that show up each morning and we are sure you love the exhausted faces you see at the end of the day!! 

Below are some notes from the Supervisors of each of the programs!!  See you this weekend!!

 Chrissy Irish
Loon Mountain Seasonal Programs Manager


This past weekend was another great one here at the Loon Mountain Children’s Center.  All our classes continue to take full advantage of the fresh snow we’ve been getting and are making major progress on the hill.  We were on the receiving end of some great donations and now have our own little “clubhouse” area here in the Children’s Center complete with our own TV/VCR combo straight out of the 1980’s.

I very much appreciate the “heads up” emails I’ve been receiving from parents in regards to class attendance.  It’s extremely helpful to know which kids will or will not be attending on any given weekend so that I can be sure to staff appropriately.  If you know you will not be coming up, and can alert me to that fact at some point during the week, that would be great!

Think Snow!!
Peter Creedon
Children’s Center Supervisor


Thanks to Loon Snowmaking and Mother Nature, we had another great weekend on the hill.  Our focus for the upcoming week will be poles/ hand positioning. Some of our younger groups are just being introduced to poles and our older groups will be improving on their skills and correcting bad habits.  Our snowboarders are working on correct hand positioning as well.  Thank you for making sure your child has their PEEPS pass.  We are beginning to introduce skills in Loon’s terrain parks.  We are very fortunate to have Mike Conn, who is a certified USSA coach specializing in freestyle, riding with our groups each weekend offering coaching tips on the features in the parks.  Over the next few weekends we will begin scheduling Loon Adventure Center activities for our groups, these include ice skating, snow tubing, rock climbing, and snowshoeing.  Each group will vote on two activities to participate in over the season.  We will let you know which days your child’s group has a special activity. 

 We would like to give a huge shout out to our Lodge Moms- they have been doing an amazing job organizing all the paperwork in between keeping our snack supplies full and feeding us great lunches.

 Kim Bouressa
Dev Team Supervisor


I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.  It seems kids are slowly warming up to the Sunday Swap. We hope this trend continues.  If you have any questions or concerns about the swap or anything please, don’t hesitate to ask.

Next weekend is our second at-home USASA event. There will be a Slopestyle (jumps and rails) on Sunday, Jan. 13th.  Registration will be from 7:30am-8:45 in the Bunyan Room. Iif you wish to register in advance  – and I recommend you do –  you’ll save $10. Remember, you must do this before Thursday night at 11:30PM.  If you register in advance you will still need to go pick up your bib that morning.

PLEASE use our Sign Up Genius page to let us know which events your children will be attending. This will make scheduling coaches much easier.

USASA Registration:

Sign Up Genius:


I hope everyone had a great weekend, LMP is shaping up nicely and springboard should be open for next weekend.

Next weekend there are two USASA events–  a Rail Jam on Saturday, January 12 at Sunapee,  and a Slope style Sunday, January 13th at Loon. The Rail Jam registration will be at 9:30.  The Slopestyle registration will be from 7:30am-8:45am in the Bunyan Room.  I encourage you to register in advance on USASA. org. This will save you $10 and time.   PLEASE use our Sign Up Genius page to let us know which events your children will be attending. This will make scheduling coaches much easier.  Sign Up Genius is for our use only and has nothing to do with the USASA organization.

Speaking of scheduling, I think our first trampoline training was a success.  However, had we known 26 kids were attending vs the 15 that had confirmed through Sign Up Genius, we would have had an extra gymnast and coach there.  But, the high turnout was excellent and I understand I was late with much of the information and this may be some cause of the rsvp discrepancy, but in the future if we have a better idea of the number of kids attending we can have appropriate coaching!  Thanks!!

USASA Registration:

Sign Up Genius:

See you this weekend

Seasonal Teams Supervisor

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