Women’s Performance Camp, Jan. 26-27 & Mar.9-10

Women's Performance Camp coach Erin Bell show s us how it's done.

By Tyler Lewis

January 26-27th will be the first of two weekends Loon will host its popular Women’s Performance Camp. The Women’s Performance Camp is a weekend when women who want to take their skiing to the next level have the opportunity to ski with the finest female coaches on the East Coast.  The camp offers over 10 hours of women-to-women coaching and video analysis. The camp is also a great way to build confidence and friendship on and off the mountain. The coaches are handpicked experts in their fields.

One of the coaches is Erin Bell. Bell, who was a ski instructor at Loon for 14 Erin Bellyears, comes highly recommended by the snow sports department.  Erin started skiing at a very young age and has done everything from teaching to racing.  In a recent interview, Erin told us more about the Women’s Performance Camp and what it has to offer.

Loon Mountain:  Can you tell me about the Women’s Performance Camp?

Erin Bell: The Women’s Performance Camp is a camp run by women, for women. The goal is not to make women ski more like men, but for women to ski more like women. The camp is a weekend event with 10 plus hours of coaching and video analysis.

LM:  Do you think it’s beneficial for women to be teaching women?

EB: I think it is. Selfishly, I think it’s great to get women skiers to become better skiers. That way, I don’t have to ski with all boys. Two things, I think: One, in my experience women are typically more comfortable learning in a setting where it’s only women.  Two, women really like developing relationships and having a group atmosphere.

LM:  How important is confidence when it comes to skiing?

EB: Very important. I also think this goes back to the piece on developing relationships; you can’t really encourage someone to try something new unless they know you have confidence in them, and you would not be asking them to do anything you don’t think they could do. That’s why the weekend program is so great, you are developing relationships with the coaches and the skiers.

LM:  Do you have any closing words?

EB: Men and women are different, biologically; our center of balance is different. There is a big difference.

The second Women’s Performance Camp will take place March 9-10th. If you’re looking to take your park skills to the next level, check out our Droppin’ In Ski & Snowboard Camp, presented by Oakley on March 30-31st.

If you already have the skills, show them off at the Billabong Flaunt It slopestyle/rail jam on March 23rd.

For more info about all Loon ladies’ camps, check out our events page

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