Life of an Intern

Hey everyone, my name’s Tyler Lewis; I’m Loon Mountain’s new marketing intern. Let me tell you a little bit about my background in snow sports, since this is my first post. I’m a senior at Plymouth State University, I major in Marketing with a minor in Professional Communications. I started skiing at the age of two and continued until I was 12, when I switched over to snowboarding. I have been all over the country snowboarding, everywhere from weekly trips to Killington as a child, to going out West for competitions. I have called Loon Mountain my home for the past four years and don’t see that changing any time soon. I will be doing blog posts whenever there’s a break in the action, to keep you guys updated on what life is like as an intern here at Loon Mountain.

Sunny day at Loon
Sunny day at Loon

As an intern at Loon you never know what’s in store.  This past week, I did a wide variety of things including filming Loon’s Almost Weekend Update video, helping out with the USASA Slope style event, and even interviewing Loon’s staff.

This past Wednesday I helped out behind the scenes for the Almost Weekend Update. For such a short video, you would not believe how much footage you have to get.  There are slip-ups from Jordan in the script, as well as crashes from the other riders. Last week it was Greg Loon’s Communications Manager and myself working behind the scenes as background snowboarders and general help.

Sunday Loon hosted a USASA Slopestyle event on Springboard Park. In my high school years I competed in the USASA competitions throughout New England. For anyone who doesn’t know, USASA stands for United States of America Snowboard Association. USASA is an organization that hosts events all over the US. Having seen the competitor’s side of things for so many years, I was excited to find out what it takes to put on an event as big as this. I positioned myself at the last jump in the course located on Springboard Park; I was the judge’s eyes for those jumps. I had to radio what the riders did, how many spins, grabs, whether they fell, had a hand drag or a wash out. I was also in charge of crowd control. Even though there weren’t professional riders on course many parents and spectators were trying to sneak onto the course for a better view of the freeskiing and riding that was going down.

As I sit writing this from the fish bowl in the gondola barn, sitting at my ever changing desk, I think, what’s on deck for me today?

-Tyler Lewis (Intern)

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