Loon Competition Team USASA Results for Jan. 26-27, 2013

Congratulations to the Loon Mountain Comp and Xteam athletes that placed in the top three at this weekend’s USASA events.

 1/26 Slope Style

Skier Boys 9 and Under

1st Brian Bouressa

2nd Caiden Smith

3rd James Ko

Grommet Boys

1st Anthony DiCenso

2nd Liam Scott

Menehune Girls

1st Morgan Darida

Menehune Boys

1st Shea Donovan

2nd  Timothy McCall

Skier Boys 10-12

1st Brendan Bouressa

2nd Keagan Supple

3rd John Albright

Breaker Girls

1st Dana Swartz

Breaker Boys

1st Oliver Guarnieri

Skier Men 13-15

1st Jack Finn

2nd Benjamin Hodosh

3rd Patrick OConnor

1/27 Halfpipe

Grommet Boys

1st Anthony DiCenso

Menehune Girls

1st Morgan Dardia

Menehune Boys

1st Timmothy McCall

2nd Shea Donovan

Skier Boys 10-12

1st Greysen Mitchell

2nd Cody Begg

Breaker Girls

1st Jocelyn Cushinsky

Breaker Boys

1st Garrett Scott

2nd Spencer Weldon

Skier Men

1st Jack Finn

2nd Nico McCarthy

Skier Men 16-18

1st Robert von Thaden

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