Seasonal Programs eNewsletters Feb. 6, Jan. 30, Jan. 23

February 6, 2013

Dear Seasonal Families,

A lot of information for you this week!!  So much that we broke some of it out into attachments, so you could download the pieces that pertain to your child’s program.  As we prepare for February Vacation Week we have shared some of the additional activities that we will be doing so you can plan ahead!!  We will be offering program for our NH residents again this year, please let us know if you will be attending so we can plan accordingly!

A few reminders for February Vacation Week, due to instructor’s schedules and varying group sizes we will need to combine  some groups over vacation.  We make every effort to be sure that we group by similar age/ability.  We appreciate your understanding.  We also may limit guest visits during that week as we try to keep our groups a reasonable size to teach and adding additional students who may not be the same ability often is difficult for the students and coaches. 

 Chrissy Irish, Seasonal Programs Manager

745-8111 ex 5689      


 February vacation is looming on the horizon, and with that in mind we’ve got a few special activities planned for the week.  As we will be relatively tight on staff that week, it would be hugely helpful if you could let me know what days your planning on having your child attend.  College, Grad School, and NH High school coaches will all be working as many days as they can manage.  With what looks like it could be a pretty solid nor’easter coming Friday, we’re all really looking forward to some great skiing and riding in the weeks ahead. 

 February Vacation Activities:

 Decorate your helmet day: Monday 2/18/13

If you have a crazy helmet cover, be sure to wear it!  Otherwise come with as much crazy stuff on your lid as possible!  We’ll have stickers and other fun stuff to put on at lunch time, so if you do not want your child’s helmet covered in stickers be sure to let us know at drop-off.

 Scavenger Hunt: Wednesday 2/20/13

We’ll be doing an extremely exciting scavenger hunt this year as we join the hunt for the mythical Mulligan the Miner’s treasure, supposedly buried somewhere here on the mountain.  Kids will be hunting for clues over the course of the day as they ski with their classes.

 Vertical Challenge:  Saturday 2/23/13

The Vertical Challenge puts our skiers’ endurance to the test as they try and ski every run on the mountain for points.  Teams will be awarded points based on the vertical feet they ski over the course of the day, so come ready to rip!

 If everyone could take their face masks and neck warmers home to wash them, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!! 

 Peter Creedon, Children’s Center Supervisor


 Dev Team had an action packed weekend.  We started our “off hill” activities with several groups rock climbing and skating.  All groups have activities scheduled, The schedule for the remainder of the season is attached to this email!  We must have release of liability forms signed for each activity which are also attached.  

 It was on short notice, but our dev team groups were able to try to the Big Air Bag this weekend.  Over 40 kids were soaring off the jump with the coaching of Bryce Hanrahan and Mike Conn. We will let you know when we do this again for the kids who missed this day due to the short notice.  We are currently working on details for Dev Team members to purchase either season passes or day passes to use during the program.  We will let you know as soon as we work out the details. 

 This week’s focus is rotary movements, looking at when and where in the turn rotary movements occur. 

  We are excited to announce the first of two  “SEASONALS SHOWDOWN” events for the DEV TEAM!!  Sunday, February 17th we will have a “Race” on Lower Rumrunner.  Every child (who wants to participate) will get a chance to run a timed course.  Everyone will get one run through the course with their group.  The event will end with Awards/Medals in front on the DEV Team Building around 2:30.  Parents are encourage to come to the bottom of Rum Runner and watch their child run the course as well as join us for awards.  Start sheets will be posted at the bottom of the course so you can see about when your child will be coming through!  It is not necessary to sign up for these events. 

 The second Showdown will  be Sunday, March 10th.  It will be a Slopestyle (boxes, rails, jumps) Event on Little Sister.  Stay tuned for more details on that event!

 FEBRUARY VACATION ACTIVITIES including Dog Sledding (a link for sign ups provided!!).

*** Important someone mistakenly picked up the wrong pair of pink Nordica Infinite Skis on Sunday half day.  The pair we are looking for are 110s and we have a pair of the same skis in 120. Please see Kim to swap.  Thanks.

Kim Bouressa, Loon Dev Team Supervisor


 I hope everyone had a good weekend!!  It looks like we may have some great conditions for the coming weekend with the possibility of a large snowfall Friday! 

 The Sunday swap seems to be settling in a bit.  However it’s important for your children understand that when they are in a different group they need to be as polite and respectful to their Swap coach as they are their regular coach. 

 I know the interest is low for Halfpipe but if your child will be competing this weekend please let me know via Sign Up Genius.  There has been some talk about the Slope Style at Waterville on Sunday the 17th , if you and your children are interested please speak with me, it is very important we have an accurate number of kids attending.  I think the enthusiasm is excellent!

Have great week every one and we will see you Saturday!


 I hope everyone had a good weekend of Racing and Halfpipe, same events this weekend both at Loon.  There will be GS/SLA race on Saturday the 9th and a Halfpipe on Sunday the 10th.  As usual you can register online until Thursday night or in person the morning of.  Registration for the race on Saturday will begin at 7:30am at the Governors Lodge and for Halfpipe in the Bunyan Room as usual. 

 Trampoline training Saturday at Top Gun Gymnastics in Plymouth! This will go from 4-6pm and cost $18 (cash or check) for the two hour session.  If you went last time you will not need to complete another waiver.  If you did not attend the first session there is a waiver attached, please complete and send it with your child Saturday.  If we are going to have a high turnout again I will make sure there is an extra gymnast there to help us with training. PLEASE email me if you plan to attend, this is for Comp kids ONLY.

 SAVE THE DATE:  We will be having a COMP TEAM Family Pizza Night during February Vacation Week….Wed, Feb 20th.  It will be in the Slopeside Deli from 6:00-8:00.  We’ll serve Pizza, Salad and Beverages.  A cash bar will be available.  Please RSVP to Sign Up Genius!! Tubing will be reserved for Comp Team only from 4:15-5:15.  Reduced cost for tubing is $14.00 pp.

 Have a great week everyone see you Saturday!!

 Bryce Hanrahan, Seasonal Teams Supervisor
(603) 745-8111 ext 5688

Jan. 30, 2013

Dear Seasonal Families,

 What a fantastic weekend!!  Here are your updates from your children’s program supervisors!!  Have a great week!!!

 Chrissy Irish, Seasonal Programs Manager


We certainly are living up to the famous quote “if you don’t like weather in New England wait a minute!”  Thankfully Loon has the best snowmaking crew.  This weekend’s focus is on edging.  Edging is an important skill for skiers and riders.  Edges can carve an arc, create a smear or not engage the snow at all. We are always working helping them become more aware of their skills.  We are planning some great activities for February vacation.  We will send the schedule as soon as we finalize it for anyone planning adventures to different mountains.  We have tentatively scheduled dog sledding for Tuesday and Wednesday. More details will follow, but this is for Dev Team particpants and a fee is charged for those interested. 

 Kim Bouressa, Dev Team Supervisor


 Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend despite the cold weather.  It seems like this weekend will be slightly warmer.  We had 15 XTeam athletes compete in the USASA Slope Style last weekend!  I wanted to thank all you parents for the extra participation these events require, I know all the kids had a great time!

For this coming weekend we will return to the Sunday Swap.  The groups swaps will be as follows, Jay’s group will be with John, Dan’s group with Jay, Santos’s with Dan, Lexi’s with Santos, and John’s with Lexi.  This being the fourth week of swap every group will have skied with every coach as of this Sunday.

Sunday there is a USASA Halfpipe event here at Loon.  The halfpipe interest seemed much lower than Slope Style but if your child would like to participate please use the Sign Up Genius link. 

Just a reminder there is no more at Slope Style events here at Loon.  If you are considering  traveling for one more I would recommend the Sunapee Slope Style on February 24th.  Awards for the 2013 season will be awarded after this event and all competitors will receive USASANH series Sweatshirts.  I understand this USASA stuff can be confusing, please feel encouraged to contact me with questions


Hi all,

It looks like we will have some slightly warmer weather with weekend which will make events more enjoyable.  Despite the freezing temps this past weekend everything went very smoothly.  As a reminder,  podium results will be posted on the Loon Mountain Blog and I have extra results if you ever have any questions.

For this coming weekend there will be a GS/SLA at Gunstock Saturday the 2nd for and a Halfpipe here on Sunday the 3rd.  Glenn and Rod are the Comp Team coaches that will be at Ragged.  As usual you can register online until the Thursday night before and onsite registration will begin at 730am.   Please use the Sign Up Genius link to help us plan coaching for your kids.

Skiers, I know there has been some interest in the Ski The East events, these are big mountain events.  Skiers are judged on skiing fast and fluid through a line of their choosing on determined face, this usually involves jumping small rocks and natural airs.  If your child has any interest in attend one of these, please let me know.   A good STE event would be the 9th of February at Mad River Glenn, there are no USASA events that day.

 Bryce Hanrahan, LoonMountain Seasonal Teams Supervisor
P (603) 745-8111 ext 5688
C (401) 465-1194


January 23, 2013

 Dear Seasonal Families,

 The cold temps here at Loon have made for ideal snowmaking conditions!!  Temps for the weekend are expected to be in the teens but the sun should be shining!!  PLEASE remember to send your child with Hand Warmers and Toe Warmers!!  They are essential on these cold days and allows for more time on snow!!

 NH Families….if you would be interested in having your child attend their seasonal program NH Vacation Week please let us know as soon as possible.  We are trying to secure a few coaches for that week so we can run our program for our NH kids!  An email response would be best!

 Save the Date, Saturday, March 23rd….we don’t want the Season to end but a few of you have asked about the date for our End of the Season Pot Luck!!

 Information on Picture Day will be included in next week’s letter…as well as information on signing up for Dog Sledding during MA Vacation Week!

 Chrissy Irish, Seasonal Programs Manager


 We had another fun weekend out on the great conditions here at Loon. I hope some of you were able to take advantage of the exciting things going on over the long weekend and caught the fireworks, or our annual torchlight parade. Many of our classes are beginning to explore black terrain as well as the small park area.  Be sure to get your PEEP’s pass through the Loon Mountain website here: .

 It’s a very simple program that will explain the park rules and etiquette.

Looking forward to some more great skiing and riding!

 Peter Creedon, Children’s Center Supervisor


Glad these below zero temps will be moving out before the weekend.  Please make sure to always have a pair of hand warmers in your child’s coat, if they forget a pair and use the program’s, please send in a replacement, we have already gone through three boxes.  This past weekend Mike Regan,  one of the coaches from Loon Race Team (and Catherine, coach of Adams’ Dad), was generous enough to come set up a race course for our program and then stay and give our groups some race tips.  Mike Conn also took out several of our groups to provide instruction in the terrain park.  The Big Air Bag has opened and we are currently working out some options for Dev Team kids who are interested in using the air bag, stay tuned.  Our focus this week is turns, we will be looking at turn shape, turn entry and turning force.  We are also having our Movie Night, Saturday in the Deli from 6:30-8:00!  Parents are welcome to drop their kids for that time period…siblings are welcome ☺ See you on the snow.

 Kim Bouressa, Dev Team Supervisor


I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  The fresh snow Sunday and Monday made for great skiing.  We received our Air Bag season passes this weekend and were able to get them to all kids who had signed waivers.  If you would like your child to have an Air Bag pass and have not yet signed a liability release please do so!!  Just to clarify NO Team athletes will be learning any type of inverted tricks on the Big Air Bag.

Next weekend there are two USASA hosted by Loon, a Slope Style on Saturday the 27th and a Halfpipe on Sunday the 27th.  Registration for both events will start at 7:30am in the Bunyan Room and of course you can register online through USASA until Thursday night at 11pm.  Please use the signup genius page to indicate if your child will be participating in these events.

Snowboarders please make sure your children have a leash with them, if they don’t it is possible they will be denied lift access.

Have a great rest of the week!


I hope everyone enjoyed the extra day of training or competition on Monday.  We had two events that seemed to go very smooth this past weekend, especially the slope style with half the competitors that were here at Loon the previous weekend.

Everybody that has completed an Air Bag liability release received their Air Bag passes.  If your child would like to work on inverted tricks it is important for me to have documentation of any time they may have spent at a trampoline training facility.  Otherwise they must complete two tramp training sessions with us, the next scheduled for Saturday the 9th of February.

Next weekend there are two USASA events, both at Loon, a slope Style on Saturday the 26th and Halfpipe Sunday the 27th.  Registration for both events will start at 7:30am in the Bunyan Room and of course you can register online through USASA until Thursday night at 11pm. Loon athletes that place in the top three of each event have been and will posted on our Loon Mountain Blog the link is below.

Please feel encouraged to contact me with any questions. 

Bryce Hanrahan, Seasonal Teams Supervisor

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