Monster Mud Run: New Obstacles Unleashed!

When the 3rd Annual Monster Mud Run comes to Loon on July 13, racers will encounter a revamped course studded with challenging new obstacles.

These guys know how to COMPETE.
These guys know how to COMPETE.

This year’s course promises to have more amplitude and attitude than ever before, with new obstacles and more than 1,200 feet of climbing and descending during the race. Stoked yet? Sign up for the race here.

During this year’s race, runners will encounter more than 20 challenging obstacles throughout the course. So far, we’ve released the first 10 obstacles:

  • Culvert Crawl – Runners will get on their hands and knees to crawl through this culvert near the beginning of the race. A big mud pit awaits the runners when they reach the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Snowmaking Boot Camp – Snowmakers have the toughest job at Loon. Competitors will run a quarter-mile in their shoes by lugging heavy snowmaking hose up & down the mountain, crawling under barbed wire while being soaked by active snow guns.

    Snowmaking Boot Camp
    Snowmaking Boot Camp
  • Sadistic Slalom – If ascending rock ledges and clawing through bushes and brambles on the way up a steep lift line sounds pretty rugged, that’s because it is.

    Watch your step.
    Watch your step.
  • Dumpster Dive – Channel your inner hobo by diving into a dumpster. What’s inside? You’ll find out. Yep, you’ll definitely find out.
  • Horse Barn Hurdles – A crowd favorite that rewards flexible hamstrings and a complete lack of dignity. Hop over several chest-high horse stalls in quick succession, and hope for the best.

    TV personality Mark Summers will host this year's Monster Mud Run. Just kidding.
    TV personality and Double Dare host Mark Summers will emcee this year’s Monster Mud Run. Just kidding.
  • Lincoln Logs – We’ll have you do something crazy with logs. And mud, lots of mud.

    I cannot tell a lie. Lincoln logs are more difficult when you're dressed as a toilet.
    We cannot tell a lie. Lincoln logs are more difficult when you’re dressed as a toilet.
  • Wall Puzzle – You’ll need all your problem-solving skills to scale this wall, which is pretty skimpy on hand holds, honestly.
  • Easiest Way Down – In the winter, Snubber is a green-circle trail for beginners. When you run up the same trail in the summer, it will feel like you’re summiting Mount Everest. The best part? You get to climb a big rock wall at the top.

    Snubber is pretty difficult. Make no bones about it.
    Make no bones about it, Snubber is pretty difficult. 
  • Chairlift Challenge – Some jerk left a bunch of chairs lying out on the course. You’ll have to climb over each one. Sorry.

We plan to release additional obstacles on June 13, and more in the weeks to follow. Stay tuned!

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