Loon EveryDay Again

We here at Loon are pumped to present “Loon EveryDay Again,” the latest heavy edit from Skylar Brent and his Keep The Change crew.

Skylar, who also produced the crazy-popular “Loonatics” web series, was picked up by Videograss while filming Loonatics during the 2011-12 season. Last winter, Brent and his own independent production company, Keep The Change, traveled the country to produce their first feature-length snowboarding film, “Holy Smokes,” in partnership with Videograss. This year, Brent’s crew is at it again with “Roll-Call,” another film featuring some of the best riding from last winter.

After watching “Loon EveryDay Again,” be sure to check out the awesome “Roll-Call” trailer: http://vgsnow.com/rollcall/

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