Ice Castle Coming to Loon!

We’ve got big news! This winter, we’re building an Ice Castle here at Loon Mountain2 copy_1

Utah-based artist Brent Christensen and his crew will travel to Loon to build the frozen fortress, which will be roughly an acre in size with ice walls reaching 25 to 40 feet into the air. Over the last few years, Brent has built similar castles in Colorado, Minnesota, and Utah. This will be his first Ice Castle on the East Coast.

Check out this cool video from a castle Brent built last year in Minnesota:   The Ice Castles at Mall of America from East End Productions on Vimeo.

A crew of builders will begin construction on the Ice Castle outside the Loon Mountain Adventure Center within the next week or so. The process of building the castle is relatively simple: Using nothing more than a large sprinkler system and subfreezing temperatures, Brent’s crew will “grow” giant icicles and use them to build the structure. They’ll add to the structure each night, eventually creating a stunning free-form palace of frozen stalagmites and stalactites.

Photo by Liz Medlen
Photo by Liz Medlen

Depending on weather, the Ice Castle should open by mid-to-late December, and remain open through March. The Ice Castle will be open for tours daily. We suggest visiting at night, when multicolored lights embedded in the ice will transform the castle into a glowing, otherworldly spectacle.

Photo by Stephonie Schmitz
Photo by Stephonie Schmitz

For more information about Ice Castles, visit For updates on the construction of the Loon Mountain Ice Castle, keep it tuned here or check out our Facebook page at

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