The Unseen Photos

Hi I’m Jeff, I’m new here. I do the snow reporting and some media things. Part of my job is taking the photo of the day, which you can find on the Loon website and on the Loon social media outlets. It’s my favorite part of my job since I get to be out on the mountain, creeping near the woods, and taking photos of skiers and snowboarders. I swear it’s not as creepy as it sounds; I just want to stay safe and out of the way while holding an expensive camera.

Anyways, some days I come back into the office and feature a photo on the website that I’m not super excited about. Often times, however, I find myself with a plethora of images I enjoy looking at and have a hard time choosing one. Ever since I picked up photography as a hobby around middle school I’ve always had a problem with getting too attached to certain photos I’ve taken, so days like these I struggle narrowing down my options.

After a few minutes going back and forth inside my own head nitpicking each photo I’m usually able to pick just one, but what happens to all my other beloved photographs? They die. Well, no they don’t. They are stashed away into a shared folder for the future to be used in various ways, most often as a home page image on the Loon website, maybe some may find their way to print for some reason or another. The reality is the fate of these unused photos is up in the air until the marketing team deems one worthy to see the light of day.

Or I decide to write a blog about unused photos of the day, and then show them the light of day myself. So here are a few photos I liked too much to stay in that folder for awhile.


3 thoughts on “The Unseen Photos

  1. Jeff, Great shots and I imagine there are lots more. Would you have access to all the photos thru the years?
    I work and have worked there for years, I’d like to connect to see what else is in the Unseen Photo archive.

    1. Hi Phil,

      Glad you like the photos! We have a number of archived photos going back a couple decades, but many of them are in slide form. We’d love to convert them all to digital at some point in the future.

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