Loon’s Top 10 Instagram Photos of the Winter

The ski season ended a little less than one month ago, and we’re already yearning for the pow days of yore. To help soften the transition to summer, we’ve compiled the top 10 @loonpov Instagram photos of the winter. Take a look, and then go mow your lawn already.

10. Ice Castle (382 Likes) – Ahh, the Ice Castle. This place was an incredible venue for photos this winter. We took this particular photo at 8 a.m., when the sprinkler system used to build the castle was still running. The sprinklers created a beautiful mist, but they also coated the photographer (and his camera) in ice. I guess that will happen when the temperature is -5.


9.  Picaroon Snowmaking (386 Likes) – We took this photo just after our snowmakers finished burying Picaroon. We love the shadows cast by the huge snowmaking whales, and how the whales seem to almost reach the gondola cabins. Good work, snowmakers.



8. No Shirt? No Problem (393 Likes)  -We posted this photo one warm Monday afternoon in April, angering 9-to-5 office workers and dermatologists in one fell swoop. We hope these studs wore sunscreen.



7. March Sunrise (398 Likes)  – When an awesome sunrise happens, social media nerds at ski areas across the land run outside to capture the atmospheric fireworks. Our friends at Sunday River grabbed a similar photo on the same morning we took this shot. We like our photo better.



6. April Showers (404 Likes) – The sun rising over Black Mountain combined with a passing snow shower to give us this radiant image. With the Bunyan Room’s roof blocking the sun in this shot, we’re able to see the shimmering snowflakes on an individual, flake-by-flake level. Truly beautiful.



5. Gondi Flakes (410 Likes)  – We took this photo after a January thaw, just to let people know that winter had returned to the mountains. Even though it was 60 degrees in Massachusetts, winter was back to kickin’ butt and taking names here at Loon.



4. Gondola Snowstorm  (447 Likes) – It’s common knowledge that people love snow and gondolas. When you combine both elements in one image, you have a surefire recipe for social media gold. Across all of our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – we always see an amazing response to snowy gondola shots. When it’s raining at your house and then you see a photo like this, all seems right with the word.



3. Moonset over Moosilauke (458 Likes) – Taking a stunning photo is all about being in the right place at the right time. When our communications manager arrived at work early on the morning of March 18, he was treated to this beautiful sunrise – made even more stunning by a full moon setting over Mount Moosilauke.  He ran inside to grab his camera, and the rest is Instagram history.



2. Moon Over Angel Street (473 Likes)  – Contrary to popular belief, we used no Photoshop wizardy to create this image. Our communications manager snapped this photo of a snowboarder on Angel Street while standing at the bottom of Lower Walking Boss (by Camp III) – a distance of roughly half a mile. Using a 70-200 mm telephoto zoom, combined with the distance between the photographer and subject, makes the moon appear much larger than it would have to the naked eye. It’s all about perspective.



  1. February Sunrise (567 Likes) – Our snow reporter captured this awesome sunrise photo on February 18. We’ve taken tons of sunrise photos at Loon over the years, but this one stands out from the rest. The fiery pink and magenta sky looks simply stunning when juxtaposed with the bluish tones of the snow, capturing a view  that few of us ever get to see. With 567 likes, this was the most popular – and stunning – Instagram shot of the winter.



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