6 Ridiculously Cool Events at Loon This Summer and Fall

When we host events here at Loon, we go all out. This summer, you’ll have the opportunity race alongside (or far, far behind) international-caliber mountain runners, toss a keg as far as your beer belly will allow, and eat enough haggis (a traditional Scottish dish featuring sheep liver, heart and lungs) to make you add another notch in the belt that’s holding up that stylish kilt of yours.

Without further ado, here are six completely awesome events happening at Loon this summer. Miss them at your peril.

  1. New England Brewfest (June 27) – Beer enthusiasts of all flavors can sample more than 100 beers from 33 area breweries at New England Brewfest, a unique blend of ale-infused social events and educational “non-workshops.” You’ll definitely want to attend Saturday Night: ON TAP, the main tasting event in downtown Lincoln. Bottoms up!
Drink responsibly
  1. Loon Mountain Race (July 6) – This race will steal your lunch money and give you an atomic wedgie. Not literally, of course, but you get the idea. Named the “Most Competitive Hillclimb” by Runner’s World Magazine, this ridiculously tough race will force you to climb 3,100 feet in about seven miles. The last kilometer of the race climbs straight up Upper Walking Boss, providing one of the toughest, most awe-inspiring finishes in the fast-growing sport of mountain running.
Erik Blake, winner of the 2013 Loon Mountain Race, ascends Upper Walking Boss.
  1.  Monster Mud Run (July 12) – There are lots of mud runs out there, but ours is special. The Monster Mud Run takes advantage of some of the most rugged terrain in the White Mountains to give racers a truly mudmorable experience. See how we just made up a word there? That’s should tell you just how serious we are about this thing. Along the tough 5k course, you’ll crawl under barbed wire, drag snowmaking hoses, and run up something called the Superpuke. You’ll also have Bear Claw Forest to contend with, which isn’t nearly as delicious as it sounds. Check out the epic video from last year’s race, and get pumped.
A racer tackles Snowmaking Boot Camp at the 2013 Monster Mud Run.
  1. Touch a Truck (August 2) –Kids love trucks. We have trucks. Sounds like a match made in highly-mechanized heaven. Grab your kids and check out some of the big machinery that keeps Loon Mountain running every winter and summer. Kids will explore dump trucks, excavators, bulldozers, and maybe even a fire truck or two. They’ll even be able to hop behind the controls of a snowcat to see what it’s like to work as a groomer during the winter.
Touch a snow cat! It won’t bite.
  1. New Hampshire Highland Games (Sept. 19-21) – This festival delivers three solid days of Scottish music, sheep herding, haggis eating, and caber tossing. Regarded as one of the biggest Scottish festivals in the country, the New Hampshire Highland Games will make you feel like you’ve been teleported to Edinburgh. Don’t forget to wear your kilt – and if you don’t own a kilt, don’t worry. You can buy one at the games. You can also buy tickets to the games here.
Albannach: not your grandfather's pipe band.
Albannach: Bagpipes with style
  1. Oktoberfest (October 11-12) – Oktoberfest owes its popularity to two things, really: beer and sausages. We’ll celebrate both during our own version of Oktoberfest, happening October 11-12. In addition to serving up traditional German food and drink, we’ll have fun games like the stein holding competition and the keg toss. You’ve got the entire summer to strengthen those stein-hoisting and keg-tossing muscles, so get to work.

    Keg, tossed.
    Keg, tossed.

Remember, these are just six of the events we’ve got going at Loon this summer. You’ll definitely want to be here for Summer Send-Off, MINIs On Top, the White Mountain Gran Fondo, and our Halloween Bash. Have an awesome summer!

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