11 Tips for Monster Mud Run Success

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Master the mud.

With the 4th Annual Monster Mud Run coming up on July 12, we wanted to pass along these 11 surefire tips for mud run success. Whether you’re aiming to win or simply cross the finish line, take a few minutes to look over the list, and then get all the race details here.

  1. Pace Yourself – While the Monster Mud Run is only a 5k, it punches above its weight class. The rugged, mountainous terrain will put you into oxygen debt if you’re not careful, so approach the race strategically. Power walk the steepest sections, and gain ground by running the flats and downhills. You’ll pass a bunch of people who started too fast, and feel like a million bucks.

    Pace yourself, or suffer the consequences.
  1.  Wear Old Shoes  – Unless you’re going for that rugged, dirty look, leave your shiny new kicks at home. Whatever shoes you choose to wear for the Monster Mud Run will get waterlogged, mudlogged, and smelly. Wear an old pair of running shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
Your shoes may get muddy.


  1.  Hydrate – It’s summer, and you could be out on the course for more than an hour. Take time to stop at our water stations and take some fluid on board. Your body is more than 60% water, so keep your tank topped off.
Little known fact: The human body is 60% mud.


  1.  Make Smart Clothing Choices– We’ve got news for you: You’re going to get wet and muddy during the race. The less bulky clothing you’re wearing, the better. Stay away from cotton, which absorbs moisture like a sponge and will slow you down with added weight. You could even wear a Speedo, if you’re into that. Your call.


Speedo? Speedon't.
Speedo? Speedon’t.


  1. Practice Teamwork – Unlike regular road races, mud runs are all about teamwork. If you’re competing with a team, help your teammates overcome obstacles; if you’re running alone, encourage fellow racers who may be struggling. Odds are you’ll make it to the finish line faster than you would have by yourself – and you’ll have more fun, too.


Coordinated uniforms also help.
Coordinated uniforms also help.


  1. Know your limits – You don’t need to be an Olympic caliber athlete – or even an athlete – to have fun at the Monster Mud Run. Race responsibly, and go at your own pace.


Kyle takes a digger during the 2011 Monster Mud Run
He lost his Spartan cheer in the first mile.


  1. Wear Sunscreen  – The only obstacle that will spank you harder than Snowmaking Boot Camp is the sun. Everyone’s favorite star has been going strong for roughly 4.6 billion years, and you’re just a tiny, inconsequential human. Do yourself a favor and wear the best waterproof, sweatproof sunscreen you can find. This is especially important if you’re following tip #4.

    Ask your grandma to help you apply sunscreen before the race.
    Ask your grandma to help you apply sunscreen before the race.
      1. Eat Breakfast – Remember when you were a kid and mom was always nagging you about eating a healthy breakfast? Well, she was right. When you wake up on race day, be sure to eat a well-balanced breakfast of easily-digestible food that will give you plenty of energy and settle in time for the race. Skimp on your morning meal, and you’ll bonk.
        Don't bonk
        Don’t bonk


      2. Have Fun – Unlike other mud runs, the Monster Mud Run isn’t a 12-mile death March with electric shocks and other bizarre obstacles. The course will challenge you, for sure, but we also want you to have fun. In the spirit of fun, we’re encouraging racers to compete in costume and have a great time. Show up in an especially memorable costume, and you may even receive an award at the post-race ceremony.

        This is someone who clearly knows how to have fun.
        This is someone who clearly knows how to have fun.
      3. Save Your Money for Beer – We’re not like other mud runs that nickel and dime you with parking fees and spectator tickets. We’ve kept parking and spectating absolutely free because we want you to share the Monster Mud Run experience with as many people as possible. Plus, you’ll have more money for barbecue and beer (for those 21 and over) after the race. You’re welcome.


    1. Watch This Video  -Take a minute to watch this epic video from last year’s race, and get stoked.

Are you stoked? Sign up for the race today!

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