The Top 5 Powder Days of the Winter

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably counting down the days until next winter (when you’re not ziplining or doing other awesome summer stuff, that is). In that same spirit of seasonal longing, we’ve decided to take a look back at the winter of 2013-14.

In a previous blog post, we took a look at the our top 10 Instagram posts of the winter; here, we’re reviewing the top 5 powder days of the season. So sit down and relive the magic with us. By the time you finish, winter will be that much closer.

1. February 14, 2014 – Mother Nature showed us some love on Valentine’s Day with 16″ of fresh pow. Thanks to nearly a foot-and-a-half of pure stoke, we ditched our significant others to grab first chair. This is one Valentine’s Day when we didn’t mind hearing the word ‘dumped’.

We heart powder.


2. December 15, 2013 – We woke up to 10″ of fresh that morning, with another 6″ falling by the end of the day. We’re big fans of the skier in this photo, who’s rocking a Duck Dynasty-caliber snow beard.

Snow beards abounded on this powder day.


3. March 20, 2014 – The first day of spring gave us a storm that none of us really expected. Forecasts the previous day were calling for just a few inches, but we woke up to 10″ of fresh the next morning instead. At first chair we made a bee-line to Big Dipper and enjoyed one of the most surprising powder days of the year.

Winter’s parting gift: 10″ of snow.


4. January 3, 2014 – Powder days aren’t always measured in feet. A cold storm courtesy of the infamous Polar Vortex brought us about 6″ of hyper-light snow that exploded at every turn. This skier showed us how it’s done on Upper Flume, proving that 6″ of dry powder can ski like a foot, while a foot of wet, dense snow can ultimately feel like a lot less.



5. Dec. 30, 2013 – 2013 came to a end with 10″ of snow and bitter cold temperatures. With a 7:13 a.m. sunrise and heavy snowfall, eager powder seekers had to contend with poor visibility and 15 degree temperatures to get the goods. Ask anyone who scored first tracks that day, and they’ll tell you that putting up with a bit of December gloom was well worth the reward.



If you ever get tired of daydreaming about next winter, remember that Loon is offering a ton of awesome activities this summer. You’re already wasting time on the internet, so you might as well fritter away a few more minutes learning about our Aerial Forest Adventure Park, ziplines, gondola rides, Monster Mud Run, and other fun stuff.

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