Springtime at Loon

It’s March, which means it’s only a matter of time before we start waxing poetic about bluebird days and goggle tans.

No shirt, no problem.
No shirt, no problem.

But we’re not quite ready for spring – not yet. After plowing through an epic February (42″ of snow and 0 above-freezing days), the first few days of March have been just as awesome. We woke up to 4″ of blower pow on March 2nd, with forecasts calling for another 6″ or so by first chair on Wednesday.

Weren’t able make it up here on Monday? Check out the video we shot that morning on Angel Street. It’s short, but oh-so-sweet.

So get up here and enjoy these prime midwinter conditions while you can. After all, it won’t be long before we’re sunning ourselves on the Bunyan Room deck and enjoying classic spring events like the Slushpool Party, Cardboard Box Race, and ’80s Day.

’80s Day, in color.

So leave that neon one piece in your dad’s closet a little while longer. Spring will be here soon enough, but until then we’ll continue to enjoy the best skiing and riding we’ve had all winter.

One thought on “Springtime at Loon

  1. How can you consciously charge $83- for a ticket this Friday (Good Friday) so late in the season…me and family and friends will be going to Waterville.

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