Thanks for an Amazing Winter!

Thanks for an awesome season!

That’s right, folks. After 156 consecutive days of amazing skiing and riding, the 2014/15 winter season officially came to an end at 4 p.m. Sunday, April 19. It was beloved by many, and will be missed.

But we won’t spend too much time mourning the end of winter. There’s just too much to look forward to. Spring is already making serious inroads here in the mountains, and summer will be knocking on our door before you know it.

If you’re planning a summer visit Loon, mark your calendars: Summer activities will begin on weekends May 23 to June 21, with daily operations beginning June 22. I see lots of scenic gondola rides, zipline adventures, and trips through the Aerial Forest Adventure Park in our future!

And don’t forget about the awesome events coming up this summer. There’s the monumentally muddy Monster Mud Run on July 11, the New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival Sept. 18-20, and the White Mountain Oktoberfest, happening Oct. 11-12. Just to name a few.

Summer is an absolutely amazing time to visit the mountains. Come on up and we’ll show you around.

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