Camp III Renovation

Update: Oct. 28, 2015: The Camp III renovation is kicking into high gear as winter approaches! To date, we’ve made space for increased seating and constructed a much more efficient food service layout. We’ll be doing a lot more work over the next few weeks, but here’s what it looks like so far. 


Original Post:

Our beloved Camp III is undergoing a major renovation this summer!

The rustic mid-mountain lodge at the base of North Peak is getting a significant makeover that will feature increased seating, more efficient service, and a few new menu items this winter. You’ll still enjoy the same rustic Camp III vibe, but with a more modern, spacious feel.

We recently sat down with Steve Bromley, Loon’s director of food and beverage, to get the details on the redesign. Here’s what he had to say.

Loon Mountain: So why renovate Camp III?

Steve Bromley: Camp III, when it was originally built, wasn’t built to handle the volume it does today. The food line was set up in a horseshoe shape, and the only way you could get in the horseshoe was to stand in line. If you wanted soup, or a burger, or fries, or anything, you had to stand in this line. I spent a lot of time last year up there and I saw that it couldn’t handle the volume. It just wasn’t user-friendly. Now it’s a little more of an open concept, so if you want soup you can go right over to the soup area. If you want something at the grill you can go over to the grill area. It’s more user-friendly now. And we have more seats.

Workers have just begun the renovations at Camp II.

LM: So you’ve already started renovations up there. What does it look like right now?

SB: We’ve got the whole place cleaned out and the countertops are being built right now. We’re measuring for flooring in the kitchen and out front, trying to figure out how much more seating I can fit– hopefully 40 or 50 more seats. They’re putting in a new heating system so those big pillars that are in the middle of the room will be gone and we’ll have more seating. We’re waiting for the new countertops and cabinets to be built, then after that all the new equipment can go up and the flooring can go down.


LM: So when we walk into Camp III for the first time this winter, what will it be like?

SB: Now when you walk into where the food service area is on the left side you’ll see where you can get a sandwich or soup or a specialty sandwich. It’s more of a scramble rather than a big line. The original horseshoe layout is gone. Now when you go in there you can grab this, you can go over here and grab your drink, and then we’ll have an additional register so the lines will be shorter. The big pillars will be gone to allow for more seating.


LM: Will it look different?

SB: It will look very different. It will be a little more open, the countertops will be a solid surface rather than formica, it will be a little bit more rustic than the old look, so it will match Camp III’s brand. It will look a lot more open so you can see the variety of food on offer.


LM: Why do you think Camp III is so popular?

SB: People go there because it’s at the middle of the mountain, great skiing over there. People treat it as their second home, so they’ll go skiing and base themselves out of Camp III all day long. They’ll have breakfast there, go skiing, head down there for lunch, and they just stay in that one area of the mountain. Also, it’s more intimate up there, more rustic. People love to go up there and have a beer on the deck.

Enjoying the deck at Camp III. Photo: Dan Brown

6 thoughts on “Camp III Renovation

  1. Sounds great, can’t wait to see it! One suggestion – can we see more of the fire pit this winter? Too many days last year it wasn’t on. We love that spot on a weekend day and the fire pit makes it that much better! Can’t wait to try out the new menu.

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