White Mountain Oktoberfest: Prost!

White Mountain Oktoberfest is happening Oct. 8-9, and we’re stoked! Hold on to your lederhosen – here are nine reasons why it’s one of our favorite events of the year:

  1. It’s Free!
    Admission to White Mountain Oktoberfest is free for all ages! Adults, please bring a valid ID and please drink responsibly. Have fun, and be sure to tag photos #WMOktoberfest.
  2. Glass Bootwmo_boot
    Tired of drinking beer from a boring pint glass? The one-liter White Mountain Oktoberfest Glass Boot is here to help. Nothing says “I’m here to enjoy the heck out of Oktoberfest – responsibly, of course” like drinking a cold Samuel Adams brew from crystalline footwear. Buy two, and you’ll have a matching set.* Reserve yours today, because supplies are limited!
    *Ed. Note: Glass boots should under no circumstances be used as actual footwear.

    3. Keg Tossing Competitionimg_2910
    You’ll definitely want to check out the Keg Tossing Competition, where brave men and women try to toss a keg as far as the laws of gravity allow. And don’t miss the Kids’ Root Beer Keg Toss – a pint-sized version of the adult competition. It’s adorable.

    4. Oompahimg_2255
    It just isn’t Oktoberfest until a band of older gentlemen in leather shorts starts playing Edelweiss and various assorted polkas. Throw in a tuba, clarinet, and an accordion, and we’re in business.

    5. Football Viewing Party & 4th Quarter Quarterback Challenge
    Tom Brady will make his triumphant return to the field on Sunday, and you can watch it all right here at our Football Viewing Party. Plus, you can enter to win two free tickets to see Brady play in person this season! After the game, pick up a football and test your QB skills during the 4th Quarter Quarterback Challenge.

    6. Kids Are Welcome!img_2470
    White Mountain Oktoberfest isn’t just for adults. In addition to the Kids’ Keg Tossing Contest, we’ll have pumpkin painting, water balloon launching, and a Family Relay Sack Race – plus a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

    7. Beer College
    You’d better get those beer SAT scores up, because Beer College is in session! You’ll ride the Gondola to a summit classroom, where professors from Samuel Adams will drop some serious Boston-brewing secrets on you and your study buddies. Taste and smell fresh ingredients and soak up knowledge to gain a better understanding of beer styles and what makes your drink of choice shine. Sign up for Beer College today.

    8. Loon Mountain Sports Sale & Oktoberfest Swag
    Save up to 50% on skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, outerwear and more at the inaugural Loon Mountain Sports Tent Sale. White Mountain Oktoberfest t-shirts and sweatshirts will also be available.

    9. Pick up Your New England Pass!img_0844-2
    Purchase your 2016/17 New England Pass through Monday, October 10 and you’ll enjoy direct-to-lift access to three premiere resorts: Loon Mountain, Sunday River and Sugarloaf. Pick up your 2016-17 pass at White Mountain Oktoberfest and you’ll even get to ride the gondola for free that weekend.

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