There’s nothing quite like riding a bicycle – unless, of course, that bike has a motor.

This summer, we’ve added eight e-Bikes to our bicycle rental fleet – and they’re nothing short of awesome. Each bike has a SyncDrive motor that delivers smooth and instantaneous power as you pedal. Apply more force to the pedals (like when you’re riding uphill) and you’ll get a bigger boost from the motor. That means you can bike farther with less effort – and less sweat. You’ll be cruising along at Tour de France speeds in no time, without all that…you know…training.

If you insist on pedaling a bike under your own power, we’ve got you covered. Rent one of our regular mountain bikes and ride downtown or explore our scenic network of cross country trails.
If you’re in the area pedaling your own bike, be sure to stop by our Bike Center. We offer tune-ups and other basic repairs, so if your ride needs some TLC, we’ll help you out. Don’t be a stranger.
Come say hi to Cody, our bike tech. He’ll fix your bike real good. 

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