Breaking Ground | Downhill Mountain Biking

It’s official. We’ve broken ground on Phase One of our new downhill mountain biking trails!

We’ve begun cutting Phase One trails, which start at the top of the Seven Brothers Triple and run through and around the Off The Grid glade.

Crews have already begun cutting and shaping 5 miles of new trails that will run from the top of the Seven Brothers Triple to the Octagon Base Area.

Our snowmakers show us the way.

Rest assured, we’ve got our best people on it – an Avengers-style team of snowmakers, terrain park builders, and pros from the industry-leading Highland Bike Park guiding the way.

Can you dig it? An excavator removes stumps on a future downhill mountain biking trail.

When completed, Phase One trails will include a green-circle freeride trail, a green-circle technical trail, and a blue-square technical trail. Our goal is to open these trails to the public this fall.

Hey there, big feller.

Did we mention we’re also building a Pump Track for kids? Yeah – we’re doing that, too. Look for that to be up and running we open for summer Memorial Day Weekend.

The new Pump House Pump track will be located adjacent to the Adventure Center. In the background is the track’s namesake, the Old River Pumphouse, used for snowmaking.

To learn more about our downhill mountain biking project – and to follow its progress throughout the summer – visit

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