Downhill Mountain Biking Progress Update

It’s been several weeks since we started construction on our downhill mountain bike trails, and we’ve made some excellent progress.

The goal for Phase One of the project is to build 5 miles of mountain biking trails from the top of the Seven Brothers lift down to the Octagon Base Area. The majority of those trails will run in and around the Missing Link and Off The Grid glades.

Crews are currently working their way down from the top of the Seven Brothers lift. At the front of the operation are several excavators, which do the heavy lifting of uprooting stumps, moving boulders, and clearing a path for the trail. We’re getting a big assist in this area from Highland Trails LLC, of the industry-leading Highland Mountain Bike Park. They’re some of the best trail builders anywhere, and they’ll be helping us design and build trails throughout the entire project.

Rock on.

Once the trail is roughed out, a smaller excavator follows along to smooth out the trail and build berms and corners.

Building a berm along a hairpin turn.

Following in that excavator’s wake are the hand crews. These guys perform the skilled work that must be done by hand: shoveling, raking, building drainage culverts, and haying and seeding the area that surrounds the trail to prevent erosion.

Making it all come together.

The result is beautiful. Several upper trail sections are already completed, but we’ve got miles to go before they’re ready to ride. If all goes well, we could open Phase One trails for riding this fall.

A finished section of trail.

In other mountain biking news, we just opened our new Pumphouse Pump Tracks by the Adventure Center! From the dirt berms and rollers of the pump track to the features on the wooden skills track and balance bike area, it’s the ideal place for young riders to develop their mountain biking skills.

The Pumphouse Pump Tracks.

We’ll be posting regular updates on mountain bike trail construction throughout the summer, so be sure to bookmark the Loon Blog for all the latest.


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