Mountain Biking: July Update

It’s July, it’s hot, and there’s no snow – but our terrain park crew isn’t on summer vacation. They stuck around to build some new downhill mountain biking trails instead.

Eric, our head terrain park groomer, upgraded to an excavator for the summer.

We’re two months into construction, and we’re making excellent progress toward our goal of building 5 miles of trail by the fall. Those trails will start at the top of the Seven Brothers lift and switchback through the forest as they make their way down to the Octagon Base Area.

A finished upper section of our new green-circle freeride trail.

Our crew is made up of several guys who design, build, and shape our award-winning progression of terrain parks during the winter. They’ve traded in groomers for excavators, and rakes for…slightly different rakes.

They spend their days shaping the berms, straightaways, and switchbacks that will make these new trails a blast to ride. And they’re getting some serious help from Highland Trails LLC, of the industry-leading Highland Mountain Bike Park. They’re the best in the business, and they’re guiding us through the entire process.

It’s not all about the excavators. Shoveling and raking are an essential process of shaping and finishing the trail.

As of early July, we’ve completed a good deal of our first green-circle freeride trail. We’re cutting trees, shaping berms, and installing culverts to control stormwater runoff and ensure good drainage along the trails.

Our crew installs a large culvert along a lower section of trail. Culverts are necessary to direct stormwater runoff and ensure the trail stays well-drained – no matter the weather. 

Within the next week or two, we’ll start work on our green-circle technical trail. Our ultimate goal is to open the trails this fall. Stay tuned for updates here or at

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