Cold Weather Skiing Tips

It’s a cold one today folks, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great day to hit the slopes. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

To kick off your vacation week, here are some cold weather tips to get you through the day:

Layer Up

A major key to staying warm is layers. Start off with a thin insulating base layer. Opt for Start with a thin, wool or synthetic layer and avoid cotton which can trap moisture against your skin. For a mid-layer, choose a slightly thicker layer and top it off with something like a puffy for extra cold days.

Wiggle Room

We all know that ski boots aren’t the warmest. By giving yourself a little extra wiggle room on cold days, you’ll allow for increased blood flow.

Take it to the Lodge

We know there’s a crew of you who like to boot up in the parking lot, but today is not that day. Bring your gear inside so that any extra layers, socks and apres clothes stay warm.

Warm Up

Pack some hand warmers and toe warmers and be sure to take plenty of breaks inside the lodge (hot chocolate perhaps?) to keep your body temperature up.

Mind the Gap

For anyone who likes to rock the goggle gap, today is not that day. Keep all areas of skin that could be exposed to the cold covered, especially when going downhill. Grab a balaclava or face mask and be sure to keep the tips of your ears and nose warm.

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