Mountain Biking: July Update

With August right around the corner, there’s lots going on at Loon these days.

Mainline, our beginner free ride trail, takes riders from the top of Seven Brothers down the mountain through flowy berms and turns through the woods and across the ski slope. We added an additional 2,500 ft. of trail at the beginning of the summer to bring Mainline’s total length to over 2 miles. This trail is fun for everyone – whether you’re a beginner taking your first laps off the lift, or an advanced rider looking to take a warmup run.

We’ve also begun construction on Derailer – our blue freeride tail. Being built in tandem with Highland Trails LLC., we’ve opened the upper section of the trail and will soon be opening the entire upper half. Featuring steeper berms, jumps, tabletops and more, we’ll be working on the bottom half of Derailer as we begin to move to work on Cinder.

You’ll also notice that on the Seven Brothers Triple has doubled uphill capacity to additional bike carriers. Our team members fabricated new these new bike carriers which will let you get up and on to the trail faster than ever before.

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