Combat the Cold

staying warm on a storm day

1) it’s time to bundle up

The saying goes “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” The first step to ensuring you’re warm enough is to check that you’re dressed for the day at hand. With indoor space being limited this season make sure you’re winter gear is ready to go. Waterproof jackets and pants are a must as well as layers you can easily add if you’re not warm enough. It’s all about the preparation, you got this.  

Pro Tip: Pack an extra pair of gloves, just in case. You never know what could happen and cold wet hands are not enjoyable.  

2) Keep your Toes Toasty

Your extremities will probably be the first places to feel the chill so stock up on those pocket-sized hand warmers for an easy heat source. Their portability and price point make them a go to accessory, protecting your hands and feet from the cold. Do you feel the chill through the season? Invest in some heated insoles for your boots and feel the warmth all day long.  

3) Take a Break!  

Being out on the mountain is what you love but on those extra cold days it can become uncomfortable. This year things are looking a little different and we know you don’t always want to sit down for a meal to enjoy the warmth. 

New to Loon this season are Quick Stop locations for you to utilize for this exact purpose; get inside, get warm and rested. You’ll find these locations in the Gondola Barn upper level and outside Governor Adams Lodge at the Governor’s Pavilion, open on the weekends.  

4) Food for the Soul  

There’s nothing better than a hot drink or your favorite comfort dish on a cold day and we’ve definitely got you covered in that department. Java Junction located outside the Octagon Lodge is the place for hot coffee on weekends. Alternatively, pick up a hearty bowl of chili or soup of the day at the Octagon Lodge or Governor Adams Lodge Grab-N-Go windows. Head back to your car for some extra warmth.

5) Forget Something?  

At Loon Mountain Sports, located at The Whistle Stop, you’ll be able to find anything you need from a new pair of gloves, a hat or something more substantial like a new jacket. Still not warm enough after all these tips? You can pick up an extra layer here as well. Forgotten your mask? They are required while you’re visiting Loon but never fear, we’ve got those too! 

If these tips and tricks don’t warm you up, we’re not sure what will. Maybe see a doctor? In all seriousness the cold can be dangerous so stay safe out there. 

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