Get Your Edge Back

sharp edges and soft snow

We all know it’s important to take care of our equipment especially as we pull them out for the beginning of the season but a lot of us neglect our skis and boards as we progress into the later months. Looking after our hardware is just as important as looking after ours bodies after being on the slopes – you perform better in great physical condition and so will your gear.  

Getting your ski/board tuned and waxed is essential to get the maximum out of your gear. Over time the moisture will escape from the base, making it less agile. That is why waxing is important – it replenishes the moisture and allows you to ride faster, with smoother edge transitions and achieve that perfect glide.  

There are different types of wax depending on what temperature of snow you’ll be riding on. Wax is differentiated by color depending on the conditions – here’s a breakdown:

  • Blue/Green wax is best for cold snow – think deep winter.
  • Yellow/Red wax is ideal for snow above 25F – spring conditions.

In spring, snow crystals typically aren’t as jagged as the dead of winter so using a warm temperature wax will allow your board or skis to glide through the heavier snow. 

For the best results on spring time snow we recommend requesting a tune with a deeper structure on the base of your skis/board for the warmer temps and wetter snow, the structure will act like treads on a car tire to help evacuate the water out from under the base and help it slide more efficiently.

Ben Youngheim, Loon Mountain Sports
Behind the scenes in Loon Mountain Sports

Pre-Summer Must Do’s!

At the end of any winter season it will be time to store your skis or board for the summer. There’s a good chance you’re unknowingly not prepping your gear for the best hibernation – let us give you some tips to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success.

If you haven’t had a tune recently, now’s the time – on your last day on snow we recommend getting a new structure and your edges touched up, that way our team can add a layer of storage wax. This process is essentially a hot wax without scraping, it keeps the base from drying out and the edges from rusting and on your first day of next season all you need to do is have the wax scraped off and you’re ready to rock n’ roll! 

Summer Storage

When you go to put away your prized possessions be mindful where you let them rest – a climate-controlled environment is always best, we suggest under your bed. Avoid attics, sheds and garages as the constant humidity and temperatures fluctuations can really wreak havoc on the bases and edges of your skis/board. 

As the season comes to a close treat your skis or board to some well-deserved TLC – your trusty equipment has kept you going through the good weather days and the bad it’s time to return the favor. Call into Loon Mountain Sports Tuning and Demo shop 7 days a week to learn more or click below and find an option that works for you – Our expert team know exactly what your gear needs so let us take the reins and get back your edge back.  

One thought on “Get Your Edge Back

  1. What I do in addition to my skis and snowboard: I wipe some lubrication oil on the edges which will helppro tect the edges from rusting. next season I wipe it clean before hitting the slopes.

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