Mountain Biking: July Update

It’s July, it’s hot, and there’s no snow – but our terrain park crew isn’t on summer vacation. They’re building downhill mountain biking trails instead. We’re two months into construction, and we’re making excellent progress toward our goal of building 5 miles of trail by the fall. Those trails will start at the top of […]

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The Leaves They Are a-Changin’

By Katelyn Krumperman Patches of sun peek out from the rain clouds and shine down on the tops of the trees.  Red, orange, yellow, green, and purple colored leaves illuminate as the sun rays pass over them.  Temperatures flucuate from 60 degrees to 50 degrees and cold rain showers pass by; fall has officially arrived […]

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I Do … With the Most Amazing View

July 27, 2011 By Katelyn Krumperman Two words that mean trust.  Two words that mean in sickness and in health.  Two words that mean forever.  On July, 15, with the most amazing view set behind them, “I do,” was said between Sean Donahue and Christina Helgerson at Loon Mountain‘s amphitheater.  On a beautiful summer day with bluebird skies and […]

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